2022 Gladiator Theme Reveal!

Gladiator is back and better than ever! If you don’t know what Gladiator is or why you should register, check out our previous blog to find out!

And with all the wild fun that Gladiator is, we always have a theme that brings the event to another level of excitement and entertainment…

This year’s theme is centered on one of TV’s most popular shows in the past few years. It has beloved characters, retro songs, super powers, great villains, and children who continue to save their town and their dimension year after year.

They always manage to turn everything that is Up Side Down right again.

Yes, you’ve guessed it. This year’s Gladiator theme is Stranger Things!

Remember how to fight a Demogorgon, or how to break Vecna’s spell? If not, we suggest you grab some Eggo waffles and touch up on your science knowhow, your Russian, and your ability to levitate objects. You’re going to need all the knowledge you have to make it through our games.

And never forget Bob’s sacrifice… RIP.