“Moves with the Move U Crew” Podcast: A Guided Walk in the Rain

Credit: UBC Recreation/Kirsten Call


Have you read about UBC Recreation’s newest podcast, “Moves with the Move U Crew”? If you’re a busy university student and in need of a life hack that will simultaneously help your body, mind, and grades, then this podcast is for you!

November is one of the rainiest months in Vancouver, and personally, I am not the biggest fan of the rain. However, since rain is inevitable here, I wanted to learn how to embrace the rain and use it to my advantage. Having said this, Episode 2 on “Moves with the Move U Crew” features a guided walk in the rain with yours truly! In this short 5-minute episode, I will take you through a grounding exercise that will allow you to amplify each of your senses while you go for a walk in the rain.

Upon listening, you may be surprised at how much goes on in your environment. Not only will this improve your attention and allow you to get some steps in, but it will help bring you back to the present if you are ever feeling overwhelmed. 

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your favourite pair of rain boots and headphones, click play, and enjoy!

“Moves with the Move U Crew” episodes are available for streaming on Spotify and RedCircle.