How to Thrive at UBC

It’s November, which means it’s Thrive month, where UBC promotes mental health literacy through the Thrive-5. If you’re wondering what the Thrive-5 is, keeping reading to find out and to learn about how you can incorporate the Thrive-5 into your life as a UBC student!

1) Move More with New Moves with the Move U Crew!

Physical activity can help with stress management and boost your mood. This month, you can get moving with New Moves with the Move U Crew and try new activities such as skateboarding and fencing for free!

2) Sleep Soundly… Especially if You Need to Study

As a UBC student, it can be tempting to stay up late studying for upcoming exams and working on assignments. However, it’s important to prioritize sleep because the CESP 24-Hour Movement Guidelines actually recommend that you regularly get 7 to 9 hours of sleep, with consistent sleep and wake-up times, for better health. If you have trouble getting to sleep, you can also add a stretch to calm your body and prepare for bed. The UBC Rec Instagram has lots of video that will guide you through a relaxing stretch!

3) Eating Well at UBC

A healthy diet has been proven to result in reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. Making sure that your body is properly fuelled with nutritious foods can improve your mental health. Did you know that UBC has Registered Dieticians that can answer food-related questions and provide counselling services for students living in UBC residents? The UBC Food Hub also offers food and financial resources, including low-cost food services.

3) Giving Back to the Vancouver Community

Helping others contributes to your sense of purpose, connection, and wellbeing. The AMS Food Bank supports food-insecure students at UBC, and you can donate non-perishable food items to help support this cause! Looking for more hands-on volunteer opportunities? The Learning Exchange at UBC is an opportunity for you to be a part of empowering immigrants, marginalized people, and other community residents to improve their lives through personal development and new social networks.

4) Saying Hi with Friends and Family

With such a big campus, UBC offers lots of tourist attractions that you can check out with your friends and family. To get some fresh air together, you can visit Nitobe Memorial Garden (free for UBC students) or the Greenheart TreeWalk. You can also learn something together with a visit to the Museum of Anthropology or the Beaty Biodiversity Museum!

5) Try Out This Thrive 5 Wordsearch!



And that’s it for the Thrive 5! If you’re looking for more opportunities to move and learn more about mental health in the month of November, check out the Thrive Calendar here! You can also learn more at or on Instagram @ubcwellbeing.