Showers prior to swimming

With a new year, comes the opportunity to renew our commitment to regular physical activity for all the benefits that it provides.

At the UBC Aquatic Centre staff are also renewing their efforts to reinforce already existing policies & procedures, among them the requirement for ALL BATHERS to SHOWER PRIOR SWIMMING.  Staff will be proactively reminding guests of this facility rule and requirement of the Pool Regulations of the BC Public Health Act (8.2.a.ii).

  • Showering with soap prior to entry reduces the risk of water contamination and risk of swimmer illness;
  • Proper showering by aquatic facility visitors prior to swimming reduces the quantity of chemicals required to treat the water;
  • Chlorine (Hypochlorite) is a highly effective disinfectant, however does not work instantly. It takes chlorine anywhere from
    1 minute to several days to work, depending on the agent. For examples it take 10 days for chlorine to kill the harmful
    parasite Cryptosporidium.
  • When swimming most guests become completely submerged in the water during their activity – most will all appreciate the cleanest water possible to enjoy their in-water experience.

Thank you to every member of the our community for their adherence to a proper cleansing shower using soap prior to swimming.