Running Through the First Semester

Story submitted by Carson Wong, TSC Triathlon Marketing & Communications Executive 

As we head into a new year, let us look back on a fantastic first semester with many new athletes, some returners, and many great competition results!

This year, we have a team roster of 30 athletes, 16 of which are returners and 14 new! Our athletes are pursuing various degrees from architecture to kinesiology, to political sciences, and are all at various stages of their studies from first-year undergraduate students to Ph.D. candidates.


With competitions in full spin, our team competed in several races this past semester.


Great Trek: 5km, 10km, 21.1km

This race hosted in Musqueam territory and put on by UBC in partnership with RUNVAN provided athletes with the opportunity to compete in the 5km, 10km, or half marathon (21.1km) race.


Our team did amazing at the race, with 14 of our athletes competing! Mahish Alfonso Rajdev Tellez, Olivia Baldassare, and Ava Peacock completed the hat trick, that is they raced the 5km, 10km, and half marathon! They all finished very well in their age category and made the team proud!

Mahish Rajdev smiling through the half marathon. Credit: RunVan

Olivia Baldassare at the half marathon. Credit: RunVan

Ava Peacock, TSC Triathlon, celebrating completing one of her runs. Credit: RunVan

Our half marathon runners did outstanding with Mahish Alfonso Rajdev Telleza and Pauline Steines leading the team. Mahish placed 46th overall and 15th in his age category, and Pauline placed 7th in her age category. Ari Rosen and Olivia Baldassare also placed top 20 in their age category. Lucas Wiens, Gordon Wong, Ava Peacock, and Gleb Valiakhmetov also did amazingly in the race!


Gordon Wong, from Triathon SC running the Half-Marathon. Credit: RunVan

Pauline Steines, running her way to a 7th place finish in her age/gender category. Credit: RunVan

Aside from the hat trick runners, Ethan Blake and Carson Wong were our only athletes who competed in the 10km but did exceptionally well finishing 3rd and 8th in their age category respectively.

Ethan Blake, TSC Triathlon, ran a 43 flat and placed third in his age category! Credit: RunVan

Carson Wong, TSC Triathlon, ran a 45:15 and placed 8th in his age category! Credit: RunVan


Lastly, our 5km runners did phenomenally with 5 of them finishing top 10 in their age categories. Both Aidan Morton-Nonomiya and Ethan White finished 1st in their age category, and 2nd and 7th overall respectively. Abby Edison was the 2nd female finisher and 23rd overall. Rocio Hollman, Olivia Baldassare, Mahish Alfonso Rajdev Tellez, and Ava Peacock also competed and did excellently!

Aidan at the front of the pack for the 5 km race. Credit: RunVan

If you would like to read more results and testimonies from our Triathlon team and other TSC athletes at Great Trek, check out this blog!

Phantom Run: 12km, 19.5km, 25km Trail Race

This past November, six of our athletes competed in the Phantom Run: a trail race in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. The 12km course included 500m of elevation and the 25km course included 800m of elevation.

Mahish at the finish line! Credit: Foretrails Run Series

Ariel smiling as she finishes! Credit: Foretrails Run Series

Our athletes did spectacularly, all finishing top 15 in their age category. Pauline Steines placed 1st in the F20-29 25km, Cameron McInnes placed 3rd in the M20-29 12km, Ariel Rosen placed 4th in the F20-29 25km, Christina Howard placed 5th in the F20-29 25km, Mahish Alfonso Rajdev Tellez placed 11th in the M20-29 25km, and Sierra Arn placed 13th in the F20-29 13km.

Christina finishing strong! Credit: Foretrails Run Series

Cam getting close to the finish line. Credit: Foretrails Run Series

Pauline closing in on the finish! Credit: Foretrails Run Series

Smiling runners on a cool race morning.

​​For the results table for this race and more, check out this TSC Weekend Round Up!

It’s been a great season so far and all our athletes are super eager for our first triathlon in March, the UBC Triathlon Duathlon! Follow us on Instagram, @ubctsctriathlon, for more results and updates!