Term 2 Leagues, What are YOU Excited About?

With the return of Term 2 UBC Intramural Leagues, it’s time to talk about the things we’re excited about this season!

From crazy win streaks to lasting memories – we’re covering the three things we’re looking forward to most this term in our intramural leagues:


  1. Getting the Team Back Together

“I’m looking forward to leading my soccer team in the W2STGD league!”

A team captain of a long-running W2STGD Soccer Team (4 years in the making!) has described her journey as “a great bonding experience.” She feels so incredibly connected to people she’s been playing with and expressed how she can’t wait to finish this term taking with the epic highs and lows of intramurals soccer! 


Featured League: Flag Football

  1. Dominance

Hear personally from our League participant about it:

“You already know what I’m looking forward to – dominating these leagues. Sports is about the ecstasy of winning and literally nothing else. You won’t catch me having fun on the pitch or the court this term – only claiming victory. I will attain the glory that comes with an intramural championship shirt. I hope that if you’re suiting up this term that you’re prepared to leave it all out on the court – because I certainly will be.”


Featured League: Ice Hockey

  1. Joining Leagues for the First Time

The start of leagues is especially exciting for those of us who have yet to participate in UBC Intramurals! For many, this term will be the first time joining a new team of students in leagues and experiencing the camaraderie and competition that comes with being a part of an Intramural team. Take it from one of our new leagues participants-“as someone who’s never tried leagues before, I’m excited to join and meet new people with a passion for sport!”


Featured League: Basketball



If you haven’t signed up for a league yet, no need to worry! The final deadline for roster submission is February 10th, so you still have time to team up. For more information about joining an intramural team this term, check out this page. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone out there competing for those Intramural Champs t-shirts!