The Five Types of Intramural Players

Let me tell you, the athletes that participate in UBC Intramurals are a unique breed. And over the years we’ve noticed that almost every player falls into one of just a few categories. Keep reading to find out which type of player you are!


1. The Confident Competitor

This athlete walks onto the field with a swagger, ready to relive their high school glory days. They’ll be fierce with their opponents and make grand gestures, their skills not always matching their bravado, but their competitive spirit is strong on the field.


2. The “Just Here for a Good Time” Athlete

These players show up to intramural games with a big smile, ready to party and have a good time, rather than compete. They usually end up cheering on their teammates and having a blast, even if they never actually touch the ball. These players are our favourite!



3. The Part-Time Pro

This athlete takes their intramural games very seriously, showing up in full gear, stretching and warming up like they’re about to play in the Olympics. They’ll give it their all and play with intense passion, but come Monday, they’ll have forgotten all about the game and move on to the next weekend’s adventure. 


4. The Newbie

These athletes are often trying a sport for the first time, and their lack of experience is both endearing and comical. They run the wrong way, miss the ball and sometimes even fall down, but they always get up with a smile on their face, ready for the next play.


5. The Underdog

This is the athlete who nobody expected to show up, let alone win. They quietly go about their business, playing with heart and determination, and then, when the game is over, they walk away with the victory. They are true underdogs who never give up, and their performances are always a great source of inspiration.


So there you have it, the five types of intramural athletes that you are likely to encounter on the field. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, these games are a great way to have fun, stay active, and meet new people. So grab a ball, get your friends together and get ready to hit the field!