Intramural Events is Hiring!

Building on a legacy that is decades in the making, the Events Team orchestrates some of UBC’s most iconic events. From Day of the LongBoat to Storm the Wall, Intramural student staff drive the development, planning, and delivery of a diverse portfolio of engaging, exciting events.

A dynamic & immersive community is a strength that the Intramural Events program brings in full force. The staff support within events is firmly built on an everlasting and growing community for staff and Intramural alumni. The Events portfolio sets the UBC Intramural program apart from other universities across Canada and beyond, with credit to the level of excellence and capacity while running these programs.

Overview & Structure:

The Events Sector is made up of six (6) teams that work together to put on a variety of events for the UBC community. Staff are challenged to use their skills in organization, logistics, and creative vision in this professional event planning environment, with a focus on learning and personal development.

Event Crews 1,2,3: Day of the LongBoat & UBC Triathlon Duathlon

Event Crews 4,5,6: Gladiator & Storm the Wall

Small/Medium Events: On the Button Bonspiel Curling Tournament, Howl at the Moon Volleyball Tournament, Yoga Rave, Great Escape, Gutterball Bowling tournament, etc.

*Event Crews will oversee small/medium events in addition to their large programs (DOTL, Glad, TriDu, STW).

Supported by the Intramural professional staff, all student staff are highly encouraged to be creative in their execution & development of their role, and trusted fully with the below responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Participant experience - registration, results/awards, communications, customer service, event atmosphere
  • Event management - overall logistics, scheduling, equipment management, volunteer management & delegation
  • Risk management and venue management, participant safety
  • Support at all major event programs - Day of the LongBoat, Gladiator, UBC Triathlon Duathlon, Storm the Wall & The Great Trek
  • 24/25 UBC Student - required (Sep-Mar)
  • Enthusiastic, organized, and responsible
  • Willingness to learn and teach others
  • Ability to work individually and in a large team environment
  • Capable of working in a fast-paced environment
  • Previous experience with Microsoft Office ~ Asset
  • Current First Aid and CPR/AED certification ~ Asset
  • Previous experience with large or small event planning, management and/or implementation ~ Asset

By April 2025, staff will have gained:

  • Ability to organize and be responsible for some of the most impactful events at UBC
  • Experience delivering an excellent event experience for students, staff, and community members
  • Development of a variety of skills related to event administration, including professional communication, data management, and use of Microsoft Office
  • Community engagement & promotional skills
  • First-hand experience in administrative and social development while working in a large organization
  • Management of time and projects while working effectively in a team

All Events staff will be expected to attend the following:

  • Apr 15 ‘24: Full Staff Meeting
  • Sep 3-5: First Week Promo
  • Sep 5: IM BBQ/Staff Orientation
  • Sep 7/8: Full Staff Retreat (Overnight)
  • Sep 14/15: First Aid Training
  • Sep 21/22: Day of the LongBoat - Clinics
  • Sep 28/29: Day of the LongBoat - Races
  • Nov 20/21: Gladiator
  • Dec 7: IM Winter Banquet
  • Jan ‘25: IM Full Staff Welcome Back Social
  • Mar 8 ‘25: UBC TriDu
  • Mar 17-21 ‘25: Storm the Wall - Clinics
  • Mar 23-26 ‘25: Storm the Wall - Races
  • Apr 9 ‘25: Staff Awards Banquet

*Expect additional attendance requirements to be communicated via Department Director.

Please read the Job Description prior to submitting an application below: