Facility Access, Features and Accessibility Maps

UBC Recreation strives to include all individuals in the programs and events, regardless of ability. We offer adaptation and modification wherever feasible to allow those people with disabilities to participate in the best way possible. We request that any individual who wishes to participate in UBC Recreation program and would like to request adaptations, additional resources or a discussion about their concerns, contact physical.activity@ubc.ca or connect with us through our various resource forms as soon as possible. The earlier you connect with us about these accommodations, the better we can make your experience.

Facility Access & Features

  • UBC Life Building is accessible with automatic doors at the north and south sides of the building.
    • There is an elevator from the Main Level of the UBC Life Building to the basement level where the ARC is located.
    • Main doors to the ARC on the basement level are automatic and accessible.
  • Gendered and Universal washrooms, shower stalls, and change areas available.
  • Accessible washroom stalls, shower stalls, and change areas in all gendered and universal areas.
  • ARC Main Level Spin Studio accessible from east side of UBC Life Building (no automatic doors)
  • ARC Lower Level Studio location of Women's (Trans Welcome) & 2STNB Fitness Hours
  • Accessible gate to the ARC Fitness Centre.
    • SYNRGY cable unit provides accessible cable training options.
    • Identified areas in the functional area provides space for accessible training.
    • Concept 2 Ski Erg provides accessible upper body cardio and strength training.
    • Matrix Krankcycle provides an accessible option for upper body cardio and strength training.
    • 2 squat racks and 1 Smith Machine are accessible at grade.
    • Individuals can request use of a variety of straps and grips from Active Hands to assist with accessible weight training.

The UBC Aquatic Centre is a fully wheelchair-accessible space. The facility has the following accessibility features:

  • Accessible entrances with power-operated doors
  • Accessible washrooms, change rooms, and elevators
  • Accessible ramps in the 25m recreational and leisure pools
  • Aquatic lift in the hot tub
  • Universal change room for persons with attendants
  • Braille signage

Download the UBC Aquatic Centre Accessibility Map

The Student Recreation Centre has the following wheelchair-accessible features:

  • Ramps leading to the North and West entrances
  • Automatic doors at the North entrance for accessibility
  • Universal and accessible washrooms and change rooms across the hall from the BirdCoop
  • Change rooms with accessible gendered shower stalls and washroom stalls
  • An elevator to the second level of the SRC/gymnasiums
  • BirdCoop Fitness Centre has an accessible gate
  • Areas in the SRC Studio and BirdCoop Fitness Centre offer functional accessible areas.
  • Accessible fitness equipment in the BirdCoop:
    • 2 squat racks with accessible ramps for access.
    • SYNRGY cable unit is accessible
    • Individuals can request use of a variety of straps and grips from Active Hands to assist with accessible weight training

Download the Student Recreation Centre Accessibility Map

  • The Tennis Centre facility is wheelchair accessible with automatic doors at both entrances, being on one level, and wheelchair washrooms/showers. The Tennis Centre hosts BC Wheelchair Sports events at the facility throughout the year and hosts Tennis Canada's wheelchair program.
  • The Tennis Centre is also happy to adapt programs and teaching styles to meet participants' needs, such as those living with autism.

Download the UBC Tennis Centre Accessibility Map

  • The UBC Boathouse is fully accessible and rowing instructors are trained to adapt to their participants’ needs.
  • There is a para rowing program designed for participants who need adapted equipment and participants can contact the UBC Boathouse directly for an orientation session. Participants with their own equipment are welcome to bring their own.
  • War Memorial Gymnasium is a partially accessible building with the following features: The ground level door access on the south side of the building is the only automatic door for the building.
  • The facility has a lift for accessibility which services the ground level, gymnasium level, and lobby level of the building.
  • There is also a ramp in the back of the gymnasium which accesses the gym floor.
  • Unfortunately, the bleachers are not accessible.

Download the War Memorial Gym Accessibility Map

Accessibility Maps

The following maps indicate accessible features like ramps, automatic doors, change rooms, washrooms and stalls, and elevators.


Should you have any questions about inclusivity at UBC Recreation or accessing our programs, please send an email to physical.activity@ubc.ca and we will be happy to help you to the best of our ability.