UBC Intramurals’ Triple Crown Competition

In the heart of UBC Intramurals lies a challenge that transcends the ordinary—a test of skill, strategy, and enduring spirit. The Triple Crown, a trilogy of events comprising Day of the LongBoat, the Great Trek Relay, and Storm the Wall, beckons competitive teams to embark on a journey that spans the entire year.

The roots of the Triple Crown extend back to the 1980s, an era where teams had to emerge victorious in each major Intramurals event to claim the prestigious title. Today, the legacy lives on through those banners that hang from the SRC’s gymnasium walls—a testament to the endurance and triumphs of teams past

Participation in the Triple Crown begins with Day of the LongBoat. Competitive teams signing up for the challenge are automatically entered after making it to the semi-finals in Open, Women (Tran’s Welcome), and Mixed categories. Post LongBoat, semi-finalist receive the opportunity to declare their Triple Crown roster, signalling the start of a year-long journey filled with challenges, rivalries, and triumphs.

The Triple Crown operates on a points system, turning each event into a strategic battleground. Teams earn points based on their finish, with 1st place bagging 12 points, and the scale descending to 10th place with 1 point. It’s not just about winning one event; it’s about consistent excellence across all three. The Triple Crown Participant, Winner, and Champion distinctions add layers of prestige, creating a hierarchy of accomplishment that teams strive to climb.

The Triple Crown isn’t just a competition; it’s a saga of skill, strategy, and enduring spirit—an invitation to become a living legend of UBC Intramurals. As the waves of Day of the LongBoat settle, the Triple Crown stands before you as an opportunity as we gear up for the Great Trek (formerly known as the Fall Classic). With 32 teams qualifying at Day of the LongBoat 2023, an exciting challenge awaits them this October!

Join the Triple Crown, where history is not just witnessed but crafted by the daring! It’s about leaving an indelible mark on the history of UBC Intramurals, joining the ranks of those whose names adorn the banners of the SRC. The Triple Crown isn’t just won; it’s earned, one event at a time, one point at a time, building a legacy that withstands the test of time. Will your team rise to the challenge of the Triple Crown? The journey awaits!

Follow the journey of the Triple Crown participants as they embark on the Great Trek Relay on October 28, 2023!