“Moves with the Move U Crew” Podcast: Finger Stretches

Credit: UBC Recreation / Kirsten Call


The Moves with the Move U Crew podcast is back for another season! Move U Crew team lead Chelsea kicks off this season with a 7-minute episode to take care of your fingers during midterm season.

With over 30 muscles in the hand that help us with fine movements, it’s no wonder why our hands may feel sore or achy after intense periods of typing and writing. To help these muscles relax, Chelsea guides you through 3 finger stretches. You don’t need a ton of space or time. Just a pair of headphones will do! Feel free to play it on your study breaks or bus commute.

Get excited for the new season ahead, as you will get to meet a different host each month featuring the members of the Move U Crew! For Season 1 episodes, browse Episodes 1 through 8.

“Moves with the Move U Crew” episodes are available for streaming on Spotify and RedCircle.

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