Preparing for Gladiator | Advice from Gladiator 2023 Participants

group of gladiator participants gathered around listening. Lighting is green in the room, creating an eerie atmosphere

Participants listened attentively at the introductory remarks

Are you a Gladiator participant wondering how you can prepare so that you can maximize your chances of winning? Or are you someone who doesn’t know what to expect at Gladiator, and is looking for more information that might help? Either way, this blog was made for you!

Gladiator 2023

UBC Intramural’s 2023 Gladiator theme was centered around the classic movie – Jurassic Park. It featured five stations, all of which required participants to exercise their physical strength and intellectual ability by completing mazes and solving puzzles.

After the event, we asked a few participants some questions about what they thought about this year’s activities and if they had advice for future gladiator participants. We summarized some common responses below:

Participants’ favourite part of Gladiator

This year there were 2 fan favourites among the 5 stations – Triceratops Tic Tac Toe & Megladon’s Maze.


Things participants would do differently to prepare for future gladiator events:

Image of Gladiator 2023 Event entrance with a jurassic park theme

Entry to Jurassic Park – enter if you dare!

  • Eat before attending Gladiator, especially during the 6-8 pm timeslot, because some of the activities can be quite physically laborious
  • Wear long pants and long sleeves
  • Sign up for a later time as there may not be enough teams to compete with, especially in the first time slot as it may coincide with class time

Advice for future competitors:

  • Remember that even though Gladiator is a competition between teams, the main objective is to have fun!
  • One of the winning teams suggested that future competitors should bring science majors (for a possible trivia portion)
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities 🙂
  • Foster some team spirit, and cheer your teammates on!
  • Make sure everyone on your team is comfortable with the physical aspect of the activities

Jurassic Park Dodgeball!

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