UBC Women’s Tennis SC Named Tennis Canada Grant Recipient

Submitted by Audrey Chang, UBC TSC Women’s Tennis Marketing & Communications Executive


The UBC Women’s Tennis Team is thrilled to announce that we are this year’s recipients for the Tennis Canada Game. Set. Equity. Community Tennis Grants presented by National Bank.

This grant of $5000 is a significant contribution to the team’s funding. As a student-run and self-funded sports team, we are extremely grateful for this generous grant. This money will allow us to access much-needed tennis resources, such as more court time and tennis balls, without putting a large financial burden on our student-athletes. Additionally, the funding will allow us more opportunities to travel for tournaments and play against new teams.

Ultimately, the team is excited to see how this grant can help everyone grow stronger.

The UBC Women’s Tennis Team would like to thank Tennis Canada and National Bank for this generous grant! Go ‘Birds!