“Moves with the Move U Crew” Podcast: The Pre-Performance Routine

Make this podcast episode your new pre-performance routine for any test, sporting event, presentation, or performance!

Pre-Performance Routines, also known as PPRs, are a series of routine affirmations and actions that athletes often systematically use before competing in an event (Rupprecht et al., 2021). That said, you can use this routine for any event, as it combines movement and affirmations to help you lock into a confident and focused mindset.


Why embrace the Pre-Performance Routine?

  • Many studies have shown that PPRs help optimize athletic performance in various circumstances (Rupprecht et al., 2021).
  • Overall, a well-established pre-performance routine can help you “perform at your best by providing structure, reducing anxiety, improving focus, building confidence, and preparing [you] physically” (Pre-Performance Routines in Sport, n.d).


Many people use PPRs, from elite athletes to surgeons to members of the Move U Crew. And you can, too! Play this episode, followed by your favourite hype-up song, and notice that extra edge of confidence you have before your big moment!


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