What’s it like to Play Adaptive Sports?

With the beginning of Move UBC in February, UBC Recreation celebrated its annual Adaptive Sports Day on February 1. The event featured sitting volleyball and wheelchair floor hockey, inviting participants of all abilities to explore and engage in these dynamic sports. Adaptive Sports Day offers a chance for individuals to step outside their comfort zones, try something new, and gain fresh perspectives on inclusive athletics. While we may only scratch the surface of the dedication and resilience para-athletes embody, the event encourages us to appreciate their achievements and the broader diversity of sporting communities.


As we reflect on the camaraderie experienced during the event, let’s hear directly from our participants about their unique journeys and newfound inspirations.

Was today your first time trying adaptive sports?

  • Calvin (he/him): “No, but here yes.”
  • Jenny (she/her): “No it’s actually my third time.”
  • Geoffrey (he/him): “Yes.”
  • Seline (she/her): “Yes it was my first time.”
  • Trami (she/her): “Yes, today was my first time playing adaptive sports.”

How would you describe adaptive sports in 3 words?

  • Calvin: “Fun, strategic and exciting.”
  • Jenny: “Extremely fun.”
  • Geoffrey: “Awesome, exhilirating and teamwork”
  • Seline: “Fun, entertaining and slay.”
  • Trami: “Tough, admirable and fun.”

What did you bring with you today to prepare for this event?

  • Calvin: “Nothing, just my student card.”
  • Jenny: “Make sure to wear appropriate footwear and bring your water bottle.”
  • Geoffrey: “Our mentality, our grit, our willingness to execute when it comes to game time.”
  • Declan: “Physical UBC student ID, myself and a winning attitude to have fun, I also brought my smile.”
  • Seline: “My friend Jenny, she was the one who told me about it.”
  • Trami: “I brought my friend Joanne, my backpack and a lot of stoke.”

What was your favourite sport from today’s event? And why?

  • Calvin: “The hockey because it was a lot of strategy, a lot of cooperation and you get to meet really fun people.”
    • Did you prefer playing forward or goal tender?
      • Calvin: “Forward”
  • Jenny: “The wheelchair floorball is very fun because it’s like hockey but you’re sitting down.”
  • Declan: “That’s an easy one for me, I love volleyball, so the sitting volleyball was a great sport. It was also really eye opening to the challenges that para-athletes face, so yeah that was awesome.”
  • Geoffrey: “For me, I’d say it was the hockey or floorball, it was really fun, it was really new for us.”
  • Seline: “I would say wheelchair floorball because it was really fun like pushing and turning around in the wheelchair and like hitting other people with sticks.”
  • Trami: “My favourite sport today was volleyball, that was fun and we won the first round, I don’t remember what happened the second, but winning is fun.”


It seems like everyone had a lot of fun and learnt something new in the process. We hope to see you again next year! If you’re interested in registering and participating in UBC Recreation’s upcoming events please visit our websiteFor more fun updates and content, check out our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.