*New* for Fall 2024 | Adult Assessments for 2.5+ Programs

Beginning Fall 2024, we are enhancing our adult tennis programs by implementing tennis assessments for programs 2.5 and above.

To ensure proper placement, all participants registering for 2.5 and above adult tennis programs will undergo a skill assessment on the first day of fall 2024 classes. To avoid removal from a program, please ensure you’ve reviewed the self-rating guide or consulted with a tennis coach prior to program registration. These assessments are designed to ensure that each player is placed in the appropriate program level tailored to their skill set.

Key Information:

  • Skill Assessments Required: For all programs 2.5 and above (this includes Faculty and Staff, UBC Student, and Adult Performance programs).
  • No Assessments for: 1.0, 2.0, Seniors, and Cardio programs (unless moving to a higher level).
  • Prior to Fall 2024 Registration:
    • Consult with a UBC Tennis Centre coach or use our “Level of Play/Self-Rating Guide” to determine your skill level.
    • Players new to tennis or those with a skill level below 2.5 can register directly for 1.0 or 2.0 programs.
  • Important Note: Players who register for a higher level without proper assessment or recommendation may be withdrawn from the program. While we will make every effort to place you in a suitable alternative program, please be aware that availability is limited and cannot be guaranteed.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in our tennis programs. If you have any questions, please email tennis.centre@ubc.ca, or speak with your tennis coach or front desk staff.