Aquatic Centre Rules & Etiquette

UBC Aquatic Centre Rules & Etiquette

  • All participants and facility users must follow directions of UBC Aquatic Centre staff.
  • A cleansing shower is required before using the aquatic amenities.
  • Patrons with an illness, including open sores, bandages, head colds, discharging ears or noses or infected eyes are not permitted to use the pool and hot tub.
  • No running, fighting or engaging in other conduct likely to cause an injury.
  • Contaminating or fouling the pool/whirlpool is strictly prohibited.
  • Immediately report all incidents (injuries, contamination, fouling of pool or whirlpool) to aquatic staff.
  • Patrons must actively supervise children for whom they are responsible.
  • Children 7 years and younger must, when in the water, be within arm’s reach of a responsible adult of 16 years of age or older at all times.
  • An appropriate swim suit must be worn in the pool, whirlpool, sauna / steam room.  Street clothes not permitted.
  • Patrons who require a water diaper must also wear an appropriate bathing suit over top.
  • Outside footwear is not permitted on the pool deck or shower areas. Bare feet, aqua shoes, or deck sandals only.
  • No swimming under the bulkhead.
  • Diving is not permitted, except in designated areas.
  • No spitting anywhere in the aquatic facility: pools, hot tub, showers, change rooms or sauna / steam room.
  • No food is permitted on the pool deck or in showers, change rooms or sauna / steam room.
  • Glass containers are not permitted anywhere in the facility.
  • Photography is not permitted without prior consent from aquatic staff.
  • Refrain from conducting personal grooming in the showers, change rooms and sauna / steam room.
  • Use equipment safely and properly. Do not use equipment for purposes other than what they were designed for.
  • Refrain from hanging or swinging on or from facility fixtures, equipment or amenities.
  • Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted at the UBC Aquatic Centre.
  • No bicycles, skateboards or rollerblades in the facility.
  • The UBC Aquatic Centre is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


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