UBC Students in the UBC Aquatic Centre

Top Aquatics Picks for Students

The UBC Aquatic Centre offers a wide variety of free and discounted options for UBC students. This facility is a place where you can drop by before, after, or in between classes to relax, get some physical activity, or socialize with classmates and friends. Regardless of your swimming abilities there is a program here for you!

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Free Drop-In Swimming and Free Classes

UBC Students are eligible for free public drop-in with a valid UBC ID card. This includes access to all pools, steam, and sauna when available to the public during the time of your visit. It also includes drop-in fitness and drop-in therapy classes (excluding specialty classes), as well as access to the change rooms and ameneties.

Our Aquatic Centre has three separate tanks that can accomodate a variety of programming options:

  • Leisure Pool and Hot Tub: The Leisure pool includes a lazy river and is accessible by a ramp. The Hot tub is accessible via a lift.
  • Recreation Pool: The Recreation pool is 25m by 25m, contains 2 diving boards, and is accessible via ramp.
  • Competition Pool: The Competition pool is 50m by 25m and is accessible via lift.

Public Swim Schedules

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If you are a recreational swimmer, masters-level swimmer, or a triathlete, this program could be right for you. Leverage experienced coaches for an after-work coached session as well as priority access to morning and midday training times. Limited spots are available to maximize participant experience within the allocated training space and times. Join this training group and not only is your swimming likely to improve, but you’re also likely to become inspired by those around you.

All members of the Adult Swim Club gain access to one of the coached sessions per week (you will choose which one upon registration) and then you have unlimited access to the other training swim times.

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What is the difference between Specialty and Drop-In classes? Drop-In classes are included with drop-in admission, a membership pass, or free with a valid UBC Student Card. Specialty classes require a day-of fee or advanced registration. For more information visit the Aqua Fitness, Therapy, and Performance classes page.

Subscribe to this calendar for the most recent updates.

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Please note that the schedules are subject to change due to unexpected circumstances and we encourage you to bookmark and reference this schedule prior to any visit. In the event of an unscheduled closure this calendar is the first place that we update.

Students Relaxing in the Hot Tub at the UBC Aquatic Centre

A Place to Relax On Campus

This state-of-the-art facility is great not only for its competition and leisure needs, it is also a great place to take a few moments away from your busy student schedule. The hot tub, steam room, and sauna are great places to relax. There is also a viewing area with tables and chairs if you’re looking for a change of scenery in your study schedule, or come rest your eyes or catch up with friends in the mezzanine overlooking the competition pool.

Pro Tip: Weekdays between 11:00am and 2:00pm are less busy in the facility! Always check the public swim schedules above prior to your visit to confirm that the ameneties you want are open, but squeeze in a quick break in-between classes for some school-life balance. If you’re just looking to sit in the mezzanine or viewing area it doesn’t get busy until after 4:00pm on weekdays.

Discounted Aquatics Programs

UBC Students are eligible for discounts on all our programs. A list of all programs available can be found on the Adult Programs page.

$3 Student Lessons

It's never too late to learn a life skill! In a city like Vancouver that is surrounded by water it's important to know the foundations of water safety and swimming. For UBC Students with little or no swimming experience we try to make that as easy as possible with $3 Swimming Lessons. This program offers an introduction to swimming including rhythmic breathing, floats, glides, kicking and strokes.

For UBC Students with little or no swimming experience. Swimmers will be introduced to swimming basics, including rhythmic breathing, floats, glides, kicking and basic strokes. Students are eligible for only one set of $3 Student Lessons per semester. $3 Student Lessons are equivalent to Adult 100 lessons.


Prerequisites: 16+ years, with little to no swimming experience.
Location & Sign In: Arrive 15 minutes early, let the cashier know you are here for lessons and they will open the gate. Meet your instructor outside of the lifeguard room under the Adult sign. Lesson will take place in the Leisure Pool.
Required Equipment: 
Swimsuit (no wet-suits please!)
Swim Cap (Optional, recommended for those with long hair)


Code Course Course Day(s) Time Dates No Class(es) Sessions Location UBC Student
00002075 $3 UBC Student Lessons Mon, Wed 12:00PM-12:30PM May 4-Jun 1 May 18 8 $25.20
00002077 $3 UBC Student Lessons Mon, Wed 12:30PM-1:00PM May 4-Jun 1 May 18 8 $25.20
00002082 $3 UBC Student Lessons Tue, Thu 11:30AM-12:00PM May 5-May 28 8 $25.20
00002083 $3 UBC Student Lessons Tue, Thu 12:00PM-12:30PM May 5-May 28 8 $25.20
00002084 $3 UBC Student Lessons Tue, Thu 11:30AM-12:00PM Jun 2-Jun 30 9 $28.35
00002087 $3 UBC Student Lessons Tue, Thu 12:00PM-12:30PM Jun 2-Jun 30 9 $28.35
00002079 $3 UBC Student Lessons Sun, Wed 12:00PM-12:30PM Jun 3-Jun 28 8 $25.20
00002081 $3 UBC Student Lessons Mon, Wed 12:30PM-1:00PM Jun 3-Jun 29 8 $25.20

$3 Hydro Board Classes Drop-In

UBC Students can drop-in on our popular Hydro Board Fitness and Hydro Board Yoga classes for just $3! Check the Aqua Fitness, Therapy, and Performance calendar above for when classes are, and simply check-in with the front desk 15-minutes prior to the class starting to ensure there is space and to pay the small fee.

Looking for More??

Students get discounts on all our programs from lessons, to fitness & performance, to advanced programs & certifications! Whether you’re looking to learn to swim, develop your strokes and techniques, or simply incorporate some unique physical activity into your routine there is something for you. To receive your student discount you will need to register in-person at the UBC Aquatic Centre.

We Hire UBC Students Year Round!

We hire UBC Students in Operations roles as well as Lifeguard Instructors in our facility. If you’re looking for a job on campus that accomodates your busy student schedule we would love to hear from you! In these roles you can work as little as 2 hours per week, or as much as 20 hours per week!

Operations Staff

We post all Operations positions on Careers Online, as well as on our Employment page so check back regularly for when we are hiring! Generally we hire 2-3 months before the start of each term, for that upcoming term.

Lifeguard Instructors

We are always on the hunt for Lifeguard Instructors. Scheduling is flexible and if you need to top-up on your certifications we offer those here! For more information visit the How to Become a Lifeguard Instructor page.

Upcoming Highlights & Events

Midterm De-Stress

UBC Aquatic Centre Anniversary Celebration

March 7
The UBC Aquatic Centre is celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of its’ opening with a bang! We’ll bring the fun and you bring your family and friends. Swing by the pool for fun activities, cake, free prizes, and Toonie swim! The inflatable obstacle course (wibit) will be set up along with the diving boards and rope swing.