Chai Vegan Brownies

“Spice up your life!”
fudge-brownie-recipe-21504514Live by the motto of our favourite Spice Girls and try something new in the kitchen this week. This unique and boundary breaking recipe not only tastes AMAZING, but is also friendly on the wallet and …

What's a Longboat?

027_JC__01_Longboat251-300x200     It’s fall at the beautiful UBC Vancouver campus. Vibrantly colourful leaves are coating the walkways, there’s a crisp breeze in the air, and a growing anticipation for UBC REC’s largest fall event and the largest voyageur canoe boat race in …

Did You Know…? Top 5 Unique REC Programs and Activities

It’s already September, and that means REC is gearing up for another year filled with adrenaline pumping, heart stopping, and absolutely fun activities! Whether this is your first year at UBC, or you’ve been here for a few and are …

8 Steps to Looking Like a Professional Team

1. Have matching socks.
Matching = intimidating
If you want to go all out, get a full matching set like the team “ALAS”.
When they put those bad boys on, the girls melt and the boys shiver.
2. Run around