'Funny' Professors

'Funny' Professors

When your professor thinks they’re funny and tries to make a joke:

Top 10: Fitness Events At UBC

With so many student-run clubs, societies and associations on campus, it’s hard to keep track of all the events going on at UBC. Ultimately, the 10 events that stand out are those that encourage students to live actively while having …

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Top 10: Cardio Workouts

We all know that cardio is an essential part of staying fit, but doing cardio can mean more than just going on the treadmill. If you’re tired of running on a treadmill, here are 10 alternative cardio activities to get …

Top 10: Leg Workouts

Top 10: Leg Workouts

1. Split squats

Standing with one foot forward and one back, flex your front knee and bend your rear knee until it touches the ground. Return to your original position and repeat with the opposite leg in front.

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Top 10: Workout Tips

1. Form a workout routine

Start treating working out the same way you treat class: plan a few workout sessions each week that fit around your schedule, and stick to that routine. The sooner you get into the habit of …