IM Alumni Weekend – April 8-9, 2016

Celebrating UBC’s 100th!

2016 marks an important milestone for UBC’s great history: the UBC Centennial Celebration. In its 100th year of establishment, it is important that the impact of the University campus is recognized and celebrated! Of course, UBC Intramurals …

UBC Intramurals Alumni Summit 2015/16

Written by Julie Rosenfeld, Program Developer at UBC Recreation Intramurals. 

Nearly, four years ago, our Program Development team and several members of our student staff began exploring ways of bringing UBC Intramural Alumni back into the program. One of those

UBC Centennial Alumni Races at Storm the Wall 2016

UBC_CENT_Vert_RGBFor more than 30 years, Storm the Wall has been an iconic event on the Point Grey campus. Now UBC REC and alumni UBC invite you tore-live the experience of scaling a 12 foot wall with four of your friends. …