Player Performance

We are proud the introduce the UBC Baseball Department of Player Performance! The Department of Player Performance is a branch of the UBC Baseball organization. It encompasses all aspects of player development including assessments, training, research, and sport performance recommendations. We leverage technology, data analysis, and evidence-based methods to inform our training and to better understand what each athlete is capable of so they can work to reach their full potential.

Why did we create it?

Baseball is changing. The amount of technology and information being used for player development at the professional, college, and high school levels is more than ever before. Organizations across North America are implementing new developmental approaches and players throughout all levels are benefiting considerably. Coaches are able to gain a better understanding of a player’s strengths and weaknesses and it allows them to develop the best plan of action going forward. As our organization continues to rapidly grow, we found that we needed a way to ensure that all of the players training with us are provided with the right information to grow and progress in the sport of baseball. Our goal is to educate players and coaches and to provide them with knowledge and resources to enhance the development process.

Who did we create it for?

We created it for the player that wants more. Little league to the professional level, every player can benefit from a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as well as other aspects of development that are key to baseball performance.


Measures batted ball metrics:

  • Exit velocity – is the observed speed the ball leaves the bat (MPH)
  • Launch angle – is the angle at which the ball leaves the bat. A positive launch angle means the ball is going up, negative is down, and zero is level to the ground
  • Distance – is the distance the ball would travel if hitting on a field
  • Point of impact – the point (x, y, z coordinate) the ball was struck by the bat in relation to the origin (back point of plate)

Measures bat kinematics:

  • Bat speed – is the observed speed of the sweet spot of the bat at impact. The sweet spot of the bat is measured six inches from the tip of the bat.
  • Peak Hand speed – is the observed maximum speed as measured on the handle of the bat (measured six inches from the knob of the bat). Peak Hand Speed will occur prior to the moment of impact, very close to the commit time in the swing when the wrists unhinge.
  • Time to contact – is the elapsed time between start of downswing and impact. The start of downswing uses an advanced algorithm to detect when functional forward Bat Speed is initiated and is not triggered by bat waggle early in the swing.
  • Attack Angle – is the angle of the bat’s path, at impact, relative to horizontal. A positive value indicates swinging up, and a negative value indicates swinging down, where zero is perfectly level.

Measures pitching metrics:

  • Pitch velocity – The speed of the pitch, measure in MPH
  • Spin rate – the speed the ball is spinning, measured in RPMs
  • Spin efficiency – The degree to which the spin of the ball is playing to the pitches advantage (e.g. greater spin efficiency on a curveball means the spin has more of an influence on what the ball is doing)
  • Horizontal & Vertical break – the amount of break the pitch has, measured in inches.


Baseball Assessments

  • To gain an in-depth understanding of a player’s current strengths and weaknesses
  • To inform programming on a more individualized level by using assessment results to tweak the training to the specific needs of the individual
  • To track progress over time

Little League to Professional Players (Ages 9+)

Baseline Assessment – Individual ($262.49 per player )

  • Hittrax (hitting)
  • Rapsodo (pitching)
  • Hittrax & Blast (Hitting) -or- Rapsodo (Pitching) Reports
  • Additional video component
  • Additional analysis (practice/drill recommendations) with coach
  • Comparative analysis

Private Training Single Session

  • Available for players that are 9-years-old or older
  • Pitching, hitting and fielding instruction available
  • 1-Session = $150/hour (tax included)

Private Training Memberships

Player Performance memberships are available for players that are 9-years-old or older.

4-Session Membership = $525 (tax included)

  • Basic Assessment included (no report)
  • Must use within 1-month of purchase
  • No group sessions allowed

12-Session Membership = $1,449 (tax included)

  • Free regular assessment included (Value = $250)
  • Data tracking through Rapsodo and HitTrax
  • Must use within 3-months of purchase

24-Session Membership = $2,646 (tax included)

  • Free regular assessment included (Value = $250)
  • Data tracking through Rapsodo and HitTrax
  • Must use within 6-months of purchase
  • One additional follow up assessment


Ready to start?

Complete the Player Performance Intake Form and one of our coaches will get back to you about getting you started on improving your player performance.

For inquires and questions, email our team for more details