About UBC Camps

We believe youth should experience the positive benefits of recreation and the opportunity to build confidence, social, and life skills through tailored camps programming. We strive to ensure that each and every participant in a UBC Camps program has an exciting, educational and memorable experience. We are aware that camp experiences remain with individuals long into their adult years, making it vitally important that we ensure each and every one of our camp programs is delivered at highest possible quality.

Meet Our Team

Michael Carroll – Manager, UBC Camps

Michael attended the University of New Brunswick where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, and his Bachelor of Education. After working with UNB for a number of years in event management, and teaching high school physical education and mathematics in Prince Edward Island, Michael traveled west to combine his two passions and is now the Manager of Sport and International Camps with UBC Athletics and Recreation.

Favourite Camp Memory: “I know this isn’t a specific answer, but I always love seeing our team of instructors create supportive and safe environments where campers can learn, explore, and have fun! Without our outstanding instructors UBC Camps wouldn’t exist!”

Emily Jacobson – Coordinator, UBC Camps

Emily is a graduate from the University of Toronto, majoring in Gender Studies and Equity Studies, and is currently studying Early Childhood Education at the University of British Columbia. Bringing years of experience working in day camp, overnight camp, after-school and drop-in settings, working as the Camps Coordinator at UBC enables her to do what she loves most: creating positive and engaging experiences for children and youth!

Favourite Camp Memory: “My favourite memories are witnessing campers who start out shy or uncertain come out of their shell. I think this transition really represents the power of camp: improved confidence, self-esteem and relationships skills.”

Adrian Greszata – Coordinator, Aquatics Centre Camps

Adrian attended the University of Toronto for a degree in Child Psychology. After running the aquatic department for a private company for 5 years that taught swim and bike camps, Adrian found his new home at the UBC Aquatic Centre. With over 15 years in aquatics, Adrian still has the same passion for teaching, mentoring and swimming as he did when he started.

Favourite Camp Memory: “I don’t really have a favourite specific memory but I love seeing our instructors develop from fresh faces teaching their first classes to how they mature by the end of the summer and can handle any situation.”

Emily Lim – Customer Relations Program Assistant, UBC Camps

Emily is a fourth-year student at the University of British Columbia majoring in Asian Studies and minoring in English. This summer, Emily will be responsible for communicating with parents, staff, and campers to make all camps run as smoothly as possible. Her passion for working with families will help to ensure that all camps leave parents and campers with bright smiles and enjoyable summer memories!

Favourite Camp Memory: “My favourite camp memory is getting to know other campers without needing to worry about our differences outside of the activity. Working with UBC Camps, I‘m happy to help facilitate similar moments for children from different families.”

Connor Mrazek – Finance and Customer Relations Assistant, UBC Camps

Connor is a third-year student at the University of British Columbia studying in the Bachelor of Commerce program. Connor’s role requires him to manage UBC Camps’ finances as well as provide parent assistance relating to programming. This summer, he is most excited to apply his studies to help our camps run as smoothly as possible, creating the ultimate experience for parents and staff!

Favourite Camp Memory: “I remember attending my first UBC Camp as a child… By the end of the week, I remember not wanting to leave because of all the friends I made and the fun and supportive environment. I hope we can emulate similar experiences for the campers this year!”

Lauren Maharaj – Multimedia and Marketing Program Assistant, UBC Camps

Lauren is a third-year student at the University of British Columbia studying to achieve her Bachelor of Media Studies. Lauren’s role requires her to capture and share awesome moments of campers through social media, newsletter, and online. Using her passion for photography and professional knowledge in digital marketing, she’s excited to bring camp back home to parents through intimate and exciting new content.

Favourite Camp Memory: “Growing up in South East Asia, my favourite camp memories involve meeting children from different cultures, languages, and identities. At UBC Camps, I love capturing these same moments, as children learn to connect in our diverse and inclusive camp environment.”

Gabe Fu – Special Projects Program Assistant, UBC Camps

Gabe is a fourth-year student at the University of British Columbia, currently studying Psychology with a minor in Education. This summer, Gabe will be assisting with the delivery and creation of all Varsity-lead Summer Camps provided by UBC Camps. From his previous experience playing hockey and providing hockey camps, Gabe is especially excited to help support educational programming for children talented in all sports. 

Favourite Camp Memory: “My favourite camp memory comes from hockey camps that I did when I was younger that had a positive impact on me and my hockey career. Now, I have the ability to make a positive impact on each participant is the best feeling!”

Georgia Carswell – Head Instructor, UBC Camps

Georgia graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Kinesiology this spring, and will be returning in the fall for her Masters in Occupational Therapy. Georgia is excited to support camp instructors in facilitating a fun, safe, and memorable camp experience for children. Georgia is passionate about working with children in recreation settings as well as supporting children with Autism in recreation programs.

Favourite Camp Memory: “My memories from camp are when we would play large group games in outdoor spaces such as capture the flag. I’m looking forward to creating the same exciting games for campers in our camps!”

Matthew Lau – Head Instructor, UBC Camps

Matthew graduated this year with a Bachelor of Economics from Queen’s University. Matthew’s role involves coordinating, planning, and supervising all off-campus field trips that operate out of UBC’s Day Camps office. This summer, he is excited to use his background in finance and experience as a UBC Camps Instructor to create the best possible setting for campers and instructors.

Favourite Camps Memory: “One of my favourite memories is watching one of my campers overcome their fear of riding down a steep hill on their bike, and getting to the bottom with a proud smile on their face.”

Danil Timofeyev – Head Instructor, UBC Camps

Danil is a third-year student at the University of British Columbia pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Biology). Danil will be working to deliver UBC Camp’s programs by organizing activities, supervising instructors, and ensuring all participants have the best experience at camp. With his previous experience instructing bike camps, Danil’s looking forward to creating the best atmosphere this summer for both the campers and instructors!

Favourite Camp Memory: “When I was little, my parents signed me up for Soccer Camp at UBC Camps. To this day, I still have fond memories of the instructor teaching me how to play around-the-world and having an absolute blast.”

Jaya Sidhu – Overnight Program Coordinator (FGL)

Jaya is a third-year student currently studying Psychology at the University of British Columbia. Jaya will be organizing both on- and off-campus activities for students in the FGL Program. Having previously worked in summer camps, she loves the energy and opportunities that each new day brings!

Favourite Camp Memory: “My favourite camp memory would have to be a bike race against our camp manager, when I was working at Pedalheads. He lost the race, so all the kids and camp counsellors got to throw water balloons at him while he ran away. The kids loved it and thought it was so funny!”

Emma Lyon – Overnight Program Coordinator (FGL)

Emma is a third-year Psychology student studying at the University of British Columbia. Emma’s role this summer is to help ensure the smooth delivery of the UBC Future Global Leaders Program, focusing on activity planning and airport logistics. With her athletic background in coaching children, she is most excited to help plan and deliver a program filled with fun experiences for all.

Favourite Camp Memory: “My favourite camp memory is having the opportunity to try traditional food from different cultures. I am so excited for our students who are from all over the world to be able to come together and bond over this exciting new experience they are going to have.”

Josie Choe – Overnight Program Coordinator (FGL)

Josie is a fourth-year student studying Psychology at the University of the Fraser Valley, hoping to pursue Education. Josie’s role is to work alongside her fellow OPCs to create an engaging and educational experience for students coming from all around the world. This summer, Josie’s most excited to help create lasting memories for FGL students!

Favourite Camp Memory: “Every summer at camp, I learned more about how to be independent. Now, with the Future Global Leaders program I hope to help cultivate an environment that will encourage independence as well.”