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UBC Recreation Code of Conduct

The UBC Recreation Code of Conduct is intended to identify the general standards of conduct for all UBC Athletics and Recreation staff, participants, and spectators. It is the responsibility of all parties to familiarize themselves with, and understand their obligation to the code of conduct.

Individuals are expected to

  • Treat themselves, staff, spectators, and other participants with respect. Bullying, threatening and harassing behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Promote an inclusive environment in which differences are valued.
  • Conduct themselves in a safe manner and avoid causing harm to anyone. Neither participation under the influence of drugs or alcohol nor possession of weapons, drugs, and other illegal or banned items will be tolerated.
  • Be fair, forthright and courteous in relation to others. Misrepresenting oneself will not be tolerated.
  • Respect all UBC property and the property of others.
  • Follow all UBC Recreation policies and procedures.
  • Seek direction if there is question about compliance with UBC Recreation policies.

Any behavior deemed to violate the Code of Conduct can lead to removal, suspension, termination of privileges or any other penalty as deemed appropriate. The breach of UBC Recreation’s Code of Conduct will be investigated fairly and without bias. Refunds will not be given for loss of privileges due to breach of Code of Conduct.

Pricing Policy

All UBC Recreation program or membership prices include GST unless otherwise indicated.  Guests will be charged the lowest rate for which they qualify.

UBC Student Rate

To be eligible for student rates and associated facility access, a student must:

  1. Have paid the Athletics and Recreation Fee(s), be registered in more than one (1) UBC academic course in the current term,
  2. Have a valid status within the UBC Recreation registration system,
  3. Produce a valid UBC Student

NOTE:  Student rates apply to dependents for UBC Camps only.

UBC Staff and Faculty Rate

To be eligible for staff and faculty rates and associated facility access, staff/faculty must:

  1. Be a current staff or faculty,
  2. Have a valid status within the UBC Recreation registration system,
  3. Produce a valid UBC Staff / Faculty Card.

Campus Community Rate

The Campus Community Rate (CCR) was developed to cater to those living on UBC campus. To be eligible for CCR rates and associated facility access, each resident must:

  1. Currently reside in a University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA), CSC, or Utown affiliated residence

Produce a valid individualized UNA or CSC Access Card before registering by emailing a copy or picture of each card (per family member) to


  • Only one individual discounted rate is available per card.
  • To receive a CCR discount retroactively, a refund request must be submitted using the Refund Request Form and is subject to the following conditions:
  • A valid receipt must be attached
  • The individual requesting the CCR discount refund must present a valid UNA or CSC Access Card for all persons they are requesting the refund for (including children)
  • The deadline for refund request submissions is 14 calendar days immediately following the conclusion of the program term. Requests submitted outside of this window will not be considered.

Late Registration Price

Programs: For individual-based program registration, exclusive of private lessons, a reduced late program registration price may be available. Please reference individual programs for eligibility.

Memberships: Memberships are sold at the full rate. There are no reduced late registration prices available for memberships.

Camps: There are no reduced late registration prices available for camps.

Group Registration

UBC Camps does not partner with businesses, organizations, or agencies to coordinate group registrations at discounted rates or hold spaces in camps for exclusive registrations. Our programming is designed and intended for individual families. Having a group (local or visiting) register for our programming greatly impacts the quality of the individual camper’s experience; something that is extremely important to us.

Please note that we will withdraw all campers without a refund who are found in breach of our group registration policy at any point before or after programming begins.

Payment Policy

UBC Recreation accepts Visa, Mastercard, Interac, UBC journal voucher. When paying online, only Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Withdrawal & Program Changes Policy


Withdrawals and program changes for UBC Camps programming can be processed by users online, over the phone, or in-person at the UBC Camps office. All withdrawals and program changes are subject to the following timelines and fee structure:

  • Withdrawals made 31 days or more prior to the start date of the camp = full credit on account or refund
  • Withdrawals made 10 – 30 days prior to the start date of the camp = credit on account or refund minus a $25 administrative fee per camp (excluding before care, lunch supervision, and after care)
  • Withdrawals made 9 days or less prior to the start date of the camp = no credit or refund (i.e., 100% forfeiture of camp fee)


Refund requests for all UBC Recreation programs must be submitted using our online form.

  • Full refunds are ONLY granted for documented medical conditions that prevent the user from participating in the program. Any other refunds (i.e., non-medical or unique circumstances) are made at the discretion of Program Administration.
  • Refunds will be returned in the same form as the payment received (except debit and cash, which will be returned by cheque).


Please note that program changes between camps may be restricted based upon availability in the new program. If space is available, a credit will be applied to the new registration (+/- price difference between the two programs).

Right of Refusal Policy

UBC Recreation reserves the right to refuse service or access based on violation of drop-in procedures, inappropriate conduct and/or failing to respect the UBC Recreation Code of Conduct (above), failing to respect facility/program rules, and/or for failing to follow the directions of the Recreation staff member.

Wait List Policy

There are maximum numbers set for various UBC Recreation programs. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Once the maximum number of spaces set aside for a program has been reached, individuals will be placed on a waiting list. Although every effort will be made to include those on the waiting list, there is no guarantee that they will be accommodated.

Photo / Media Release Policy

As a condition of participation, all participants, excluding minors, give permission to UBC Recreation to take and use images of their likeness (including any motion picture or still photographs of, poses, acts and appearances or sound records) for any purposes in connection with the promotion and/or marketing of UBC Recreation.  UBC Recreation reserves the right to crop, alter or modify Images of you and combine such Images with other images, text, audio recordings and graphics without prior notification to publication.

In situations where a participant does not wish to have his or her photo/video footage used, it is his or her responsibility to notify the program administrator and/or photographer/videographer.

Where images of minors are being captured, documented approval must be obtained by program administration prior to any use of any images containing said minor. Current students of the University of British Columbia are not considered to be minors.

Consent Form Policy

All youth (under 19 years of age) participating in UBC Recreation programs will have a valid consent form signed by their guardian.

UBC Athletics & Recreation Administered Camps: When you complete registration online, your consent form will be completed at the time of registration. When registering in person, you will be asked to sign and complete your camp-specific consent form. Any additional or third party consent forms will be sent to you in your pre-camp e-mail and should be brought with you on your first day of camp, OR a scanned copy of the third party form(s) can be emailed to or dropped off in-person.

UBC Athletics & Recreation Camps Run in Partnership: When you complete your registration online for these camps, you will need to fill out a separate third party consent form. Third party consent forms can be found on our website, and a scanned copy of the form(s) emailed to or dropped off in-person.

If you registered for an Adventures Abound, Adventure Add-on, or select Enrichment camps there will be additional third party consent forms. These additional consent forms will be sent in your pre-camp e-mail. We strongly recommend these consent forms be completed prior to the first day of camp.

Medication Policy

Only medication that is prescribed by a physician, or is necessary to support an exceptionality is allowed at camp. All medication must be securely stored at UBC Camps main office, or with UBC Camps staff, and not in a child’s backpack (with the exception of EpiPens). A parent/guardian must submit a completed UBC Camps Medication Form prior to the first day of camp if bringing medication to camp.

While all UBC Camps staff are Emergency First Aid certified, camps staff are not medical professionals and are not authorized to administer medication. Campers are required to self-administer medication, with staff supervision and support.

Medication may need to be given to UBC Camps in pre-measured, labeled dosages. If your camper is not able to self-administer medication, please contact the office to discuss alternative options (604-822-1540). Additionally, the UBC hospital is located near all on-campus facilities and provides complete first aid and medical services.

Nut Allergy Safety Policy

UBC camps asks parents/guardians do their best to send their camper to camp with nut-free snacks and lunches. While we cannot guarantee a nut-free environment, we actively encourage hand washing and a “eat, wash hands, then play” policy when nut products are brought to camp.

Washroom Policy

For safety reasons, campers under the age of 12 are escorted to the washroom by a staff member and one other person (camper or staff) at all times; referred to as the “buddy system”.

Accompanying instructors will either escort campers into a multi-stall washroom facility, or ensure there are no other adults in a washroom space before campers enter.

Campers ages 12 and older are permitted to leave camp for a washroom break without a staff member accompanying them.

UBC Camps staff will not assist youth in using the restroom, but in the event of an emergency or “accident”, one staff member will provide assistance if necessary while maintaining the privacy and dignity of the youth (a second staff member will be present). UBC Camps does keep a small supply of clean undergarments and bottoms in case this occurs!

Change Room Policy

Whenever possible, campers will utilize single-stall change room facilities. When this is not possible due to the facility or volume of campers changing, campers will use gender-specific change spaces (NOTE: single stall change spaces provided upon camper or parent/guardian request).

Staff and volunteers are not permitted to change in front of, or in the vicinity of campers, using private change spaces at all times.

Campers under the age of 12 are never left unattended in a changeroom space, and similar to our washroom policy, the “buddy system” is in place at all times.

Campers are expected to be able to change and undress themselves. If assistance is required, two staff members will be present and encourage the camper to be as autonomous as possible.