Sign-Out Procedures

Please Read Carefully – Photo Identification will be REQUIRED at PICK-UP!

Four Things You Should Know Regarding Camper Sign-Out:

  1. The “Authorized Pick Up” name(s) you provide at the time of registration are the ONLY individual’s who will be able to pick up your camper at the end of each day!
  2. Ensuring your list of “Authorized Pick Up” name(s) is accurate prior to the start of camp will ensure a smooth sign-out process each day. Authorized pick-up people must be 16 years of age or older.
  3. If a change needs to be made mid-camp to your “Authorized Pick Up” name(s), communicate these changes directly with camp instructors, or by contacting the Camps Office at 604-822-1540.
  4. Most importantly, be sure that the individual(s) picking-up your camper each day has photo identification with them. Camps instructor / staff will be asking to see identification for any individual looking to pick up a camper, even if the camper recognizes the individual picking them up.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we implement this camp procedure. If interested, additional details can be found below.

Before Camp Begins

At the time of registration parents/guardians are asked for the name(s) of individuals who are authorized to sign out campers at the end of each day of camp. The names indicated here are the ONLY names of who staff will release campers to at the end of each day of camp.

If you would like to modify the names on your authorized sign-out list, we highly encourage you to do so at least one-week BEFORE the start date of your camp. This will ensure the information ALL staff have is accurate (which is especially important if your camper is doing more than one camp in a week, or if being transferred from/to Extra Care Services). 

To update your list of authorized names simply email us ( with your child’s name, and the list of 2-3 individuals who are authorized to pick up your camper each day.

If your camper is 12 years of age or older, parents/guardians can give permission for children to sign themselves out of camp. If this is the case, campers MUST sign the attendance clipboard at the time of sign-out. Unfortunately, campers under the age of 12 will not be permitted to sign themselves out of camp.  

Picking Up From Camp

When picking up campers at the end of each day of camp, it is important that parents / guardians / caregivers bring a piece of photo identification. All staff will be verifying the identity of the individual picking up campers by cross-referencing the name on the authorized sign-out form, with the name on the individual’s driver’s licence, or other photo identification. Without this piece of photo identification campers will not be released to parents until adequate steps have been taken to confirm the identity of the individual picking up; which will require the involvement of UBC Camps and Recreation Administration, and could take over 30 minutes to complete.