Badminton – Beginner

Instructors will focus on the basic techniques of underhand, forehand, and backhand, including serves, overhead clear and drop shots, net shots, and basic instruction in footwork. Beginner Badminton also focuses on developing balance and coordination appropriate for each individual’s age and skill level. Participants are introduced to the rules of game play along with the scoring format.

Required Equipment: Campers are required to bring their own badminton racket; no rackets will be supplied (birdies are supplied). 

Location Details: This camp meets upstairs in Gymnasium 1 and 2 of the UBC Student Recreation Centre.

Consent Form: UBC Camps Badminton Consent
A digital copy of the consent form is completed during online registration. In-person or over the phone registration requires a paper copy be submitted prior to the first day of camp.

Available Sessions

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