Leadership – Mindset Masters: I CAN DO IT!

Program provided in partnership with Future-ready Minds™

Mindset Masters allows young leaders to explore brain science, mindfulness exercises, personal goals and positive growth mindset tools to help them develop an "I CAN DO IT!" attitude.

Children will experience:

Downtime: Deep breathing, attention training, gratitude journaling, and mindfulness practices to build resilience and a positive “growth” mindset.

Others: Active listening, visual goal setting, arts-based activities and team building exercises to develop leadership, communication and contribution skills.

Play: Neuroscience tools and an interactive play-based learning environment to develop their ability to overcome failure, be comfortable with mistakes, set personal goals, and master a positive mindset.

Required Equipment: Nut-free snacks and lunch, personal pencil case (with pencils, erasers, sharpener, a few markers and colours).

Consent Form: Future-ready Minds™ Consent
Please email a completed copy to info@futurereadyminds.com or bring a hard copy on the first day of camp.

Available Sessions

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