Leadership – Entrepreneur Mindset


Program provided in partnership with Future-ready Minds™

Entrepreneur Mindset is a great program for young leaders who want to practice their creativity and critical thinking skills by designing, testing, and pitching their innovative business ideas in a “Shark Tank” style presentation.

Children will experience:

Downtime: Deep breathing, attention training, gratitude journaling, and mindfulness practices to build resilience and a positive “growth” mindset.

Others: Designing a business idea, creating an elevator pitch, developing and delivering their business idea in front of a live audience, to develop their collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills.

Play: Practice with out-of-the-box thinking, wild brainstorming, designing, testing, and developing a business idea through various creative play activities that foster communication and innovation.

Required Equipment: Nut-free snacks and lunch, personal pencil case (with pencils, erasers, sharpener, a few markers and colours). Day 2 Onwards: Campers have the option to bring a tablet/i-pad/laptop for carrying out research for their presentation topics only.

Consent Form:
Future-ready Minds™ Consent
Please email a completed copy to info@futurereadyminds.com or bring a hard copy on the first day of camp.

Available Sessions

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