Weather & Air Quality Information

Extreme Winter Weather Information

In the event of extreme winter weather, UBC Camps will make every effort to ensure we promptly notify parents and guardians of any cancellations, changes or delays in camp programming.

In the event a day camp is cancelled, we will issue a full refund for the day and notify all participants via e-mail and/or phone. Cancellation notices will also be posted on our homepage.

If we are required to end a day camp early due to extreme weather, a similar procedure will apply. We will notify all parents and guardians via email and/or phone, a notice will be posted on our homepage, and we will continue to ensure your camper is safe and supervised until prompt pick-up can be arranged. A partial refund will be issued.

Please be advised, activities may be adjusted to accommodate winter weather. If scheduled activities change, we will do our best to notify families ahead of time.

Rain Information

When the forecast calls for rain we make program adjustments according to the severity of the weather. Below is summary of what to expect for three scenarios: 

  • Light or Moderate Rain
    • In the event of light or moderate rain all outdoor camps will take place outside – rain or shine – as planned. Campers are expected to come prepared and dressed in weather appropriate clothing. 
  • Heavy Rain
    • In the event of heavy rain, some camps will seek shelter in forest spaces (i.e., Pacific Spirit Park) or indoor spaces, while others might operate as planned. Expect program adjustments and alternative activities. This could include fitness activities, scavenger hunts, circle games, and more.
  • Thunder or Lightning
    • In the event of thunder or lightning, all outdoor camps will move indoors. Due to COVID-19 safety measures, indoor spaces are severely restricted. Programming will be adjusted and campers can expect to participate in less active circle games and art. 

Air Quality Response Plan

In the event of an air quality advisory, UBC Camps follows the Government of Canada’s Recommendations to make informed decisions about camp adjustments, changes or cancellations. As such, our policy varies depending upon the air quality index rating each day of camp. Below is an overview of what to expect at each air quality rating:

  • Air Quality Rating is ‘High’ (7-10) or ‘Very High’ (above 10): we do our best to move programming indoors, although capacity is a limiting factor. For this reason, day camps are prioritized based on a combination of age and physical exertion; the youngest campers exerting the highest level of physical exertion will be moved indoors first.
  • Air Quality Rating is ‘Moderate’ (4-6) or greater: outdoor activity will be reduced or rescheduled and fewer high-exertion activities will be played, with frequent and longer-lasting rests and water breaks. Campers with respiratory health conditions are also closely monitored.
  • Whenever the Air Quality Rating is ‘Moderate’, ‘High’, or ‘Very High’ concerned parents may withdraw their camper for the day and receive a full refund. UBC Camps is also committed to finding alternative options for your camper and will transfer your child into another day camp at no additional cost, space permitting.

Whenever an adjustment, change, or cancellation is in affect for your child’s specific camp you will receive an email notification from us with further detail. Note: only camps impacted will be notified (i.e., camps that take place indoors, such as Swimming Camps, should not expect to be notified or any changes to camp programming).

Children with asthma or other respiratory conditions are at greater risk and we encourage open communication between parents and day camp staff in identifying and supporting your child’s unique symptoms and medical needs.

Click here for the current UBC Point Grey Campus air quality index rating, and here to learn more about health risks.