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Instructional Fitness Classes | Drop-in Available

Instructional Fitness Classes | Drop-in Available

Looking for more fitness classes on a flexible drop-in basis? We’ve got you covered! If you didn’t register for the class series, you can still attend on a drop-in basis throughout the term. The following instructional fitness classes are available

Bouldering Competition | Feb 3

Bouldering Competition | Feb 3

Come test your bouldering skills at the Bouldering Competition on Friday, February 3! Climbers will each get 1 hour to complete the hardest climbs they can. There will be up to 4 climbers in each 1-hour time slot, so plan

Register for Term 2 Fitness Classes!

Register for Term 2 Fitness Classes!

Did you try out a class you loved during Free Week? Now is the time to register for its term 2 series!

UBC Recreation offers two categories of fitness classes: series-based instructional fitness classes and drop-in group fitness classes.

  • Instructional

Alex Kask

Alex is a direct student of Ono Yōtarō-sensei of the Chōfūkan Dōjō in Kyōto, Japan, who is the 16th lineal headmaster of the Bitchū-den linegage of Takenouchi-ryū Bu-jutsu, one of Japan’s oldest and most respected martial traditions. Takenouchi-ryū is recognized …

Ken Stavenes

Ken began training with the UBC Judo Club in 1995 and has been instructing with UBC Judo for the past 10 years. During his time at UBC he has also had the opportunity to train with other martial arts clubs …

Hiro Inoue

Teaching younger generations ’How Not to Fight’ with training how to use the sword most effectively


  • Roku-Dan (6th Degree) of Iaido at All Japan Iaido Federation (ZNIR)
  • Nana-Dan (7th Degree)
  • Officially certified instructor at World MJER Iaido Federation (Iaido
Dan Read

Dan Read


Dan Read has been training in martial arts for 35 years, and teaching Hapkido for almost 30. In addition to Hapkido, Dan has a well-rounded background in a variety of other fighting arts, including Karate, Kendo, Tai Chi, and

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