Storm the Wall

Storm the Wall 2019 Registration is now open

Brace yourself for the Storm, UBC’s fun, exciting and iconic event. Swim, sprint, bike, run & STORM THE WALL!
Participate as a Competitive or Just-for-Fun team, or challenge yourself to do the whole course on your own as an Iron …

Registration Opens August 1st!

This massive event is definitely one you don’t want to miss! Find a team of 5 and compete for the best time while swimming, running, biking, and getting over the wall in the competitive category, or if you just want …

Very Important People: Storm Day 4

Very Important People: Storm Day 4

Storm 2018 is officially over, which means it’s time to look back at the highlights of our final day. We were blessed with another day of sun and the most spectators we’ve seen out this year! Day 4 was filled

Fun in the Sun: Storm Day 3

Fun in the Sun: Storm Day 3

Day 3 started off with clouds…then the sun said hello and made the day THAT much better! But it wasn’t just the sun that made today amazing. Let’s go over the other parts of the day that made us smile.…

Racing in Raincouver: Storm Day 2

Racing in Raincouver: Storm Day 2

Day 2 put the “storm” in Storm the Wall as the rain came down hard. That wall is difficult enough to conquer in the ideal weather, so huge congrats to all of our teams and individuals who stormed today!


Can I reschedule my Storm the Wall advancement?

Unfortunately, this is not something we can accommodate due to the amount of teams participating.
You can find the advancement schedule online so you can get a rough idea of when you could be racing.…

How to pick up alternate team members (how to submit your substitution)

The substitution rules for your team will change depending on what category of race you are competing in.

Just For Fun Teams

Just For Fun teams can bring on anyone as long as they have a valid UBC student card. …

UBC and BEYOND: Storm Day 1

UBC and BEYOND: Storm Day 1

As anyone who came out today knows, our first day of Storm The Wall 2018 was AMAZING! We kicked off this year’s 4-day event with (mostly) clear skies and huge smiles.
The BEST part about day one of Storm is …

Storm the Wall | Heats to Watch

While all races during Storm the Wall are great we want to highlight a few special ones for spectators.  Get ready to cheer and celebrate the UBC Community during this iconic event!
  1. Iron Legend

This classic and awe-inspiring race showcases …

Smooth Registration and Race

A guide to Storming: Being smart during Storm the Wall

  • Swimmer and Sprinter report to the Aquatic Centre.
  • Biker, Runner and Wall person report to the cycle route, which is located in Martha Piper Plaza (the fountain on Main