Homemade corn hole board game in grass in summertime

Lawn Games Winner and Highlights

Over the past weekend, UBC students have been getting outside and having fun with friends in our  Lawn Sports Showdown! Each household team competed in their own timeslot and played a variety of different lawn sports games. The Lawn Sports …

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Storm The Wall Training Plan

Embrace the Spirit • Embrace Tradition • Embrace the Storm

Once a year in March, UBC Recreation puts on the biggest intramural event in North America! Storm the Wall combines the three essential elements of triathlon with an extra twist: …

Young college students playing esports at computer stations

Esports Casual Game Nights & Tournaments

Welcome to all things Esport at Intramurals! Over the years the popularity of Esports has risen, and now more than ever, it is great way to connect with others in a virtual space. Intramurals is bringing you the opportunity to …

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Your Intramurals March Breakdown!

Intramurals is bringing you the opportunity to finish out the school year with us! Join us this March for a wide variety of free virtual programming ranging from running events to online Esports Game Nights and Tournaments. If you’re on …

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5 Types of Hockey Players on the Ice

Hockey brings together many different types of people. The nature of the intensity, high pressure, and exhaustion of the sport brings out the best and worst side of people. Have you ever met these types of people on the ice?…

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The 5 types of Gamers on the UBC Intramurals Esports Discord Server

With UBC Intramurals Esports Just around the corner, here is a fun look at the different types of games that you can find on the UBC Intramurals Esports discord server.

Esports is one of UBC Intramurals’ newest and most exciting …

Check Out What’s New for UBC Intramurals Events & Leagues Term 2

Check Out What’s New for UBC Intramurals Events & Leagues Term 2

UBC Intramurals traditionally hosts numerous iconic events throughout the school year as well as offering various sport league options. However, this year will take a new and exciting twist on these iconic events and leagues. UBC Intramurals is coming to …

Kick It Back Soccer Winners and Highlights

Kick It Back Soccer Winners and Highlights

This past weekend, UBC students were able to get back outside and have fun in the 6v6 Kick It Back Fall Soccer Tournament! Teams of friends came together with a variety of different relationships whether that be roommates, fraternities, faculty, …

Lawn Sports: Team Features!

Lawn Sports: Team Features!


Our new Lawn Sports League was a great success! Huge thank you to everyone who came out to play some leisure sports with us – we appreciate you all!

We wanted to showcase some of our players and get …