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UBC Recreation Program Suspension/Cancellations for March 14-29 Due to COVID-19 Concerns
Hall of Fame: March 31st

Hall of Fame: March 31st

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM @ the Pit in the Nest 


Did you participate in any leagues in Term 1 or Term 2? Did you storm the wall, capsize during LongBoat or participate in …

Weather Update for Intramural League Programs – Jan 15th, 2020

Hello Captains and Participants.


Because of class cancellation and dangerous road conditions, all games tonight (Wednesday, Jan 15th) are cancelled.

In addition.  the Captain’s Meeting scheduled for 6:30pm at BIOL 1000 is also cancelled.

There is still an additional …

Jan 16 – All Facilities Open

League Sports Registration Update

Hello everyone.

While the registration deadline for all leagues has passed, please note that we are still accepting teams in most leagues.

If you are interested in registering a team still, please contact the respective league email (,, etc) …

Which League Should You Join?

Which League Should You Join?

Want to make this the best semester? Win a champion shirt? Get that summer body? JOIN OUR LEAGUES!

If you still haven’t signed up for a league this term or if you have and want to see if it’s the …

SRC Futsal League Term 1 Wrap Up

Thank you to all our participants for a great term of Futsal! Below are the results from this term:


Open Campus wide: Metrosexual Foreigners

Open Divisional: Bootstrappers

Corec Campus wide: The Hummingbirds

Corec Divisional: Phastromates


Congratulations to all the winners!

SRC Futsal League Playoffs – Term 1

Hello Everyone.

Below you will find the playoff schedules for all divisions.

CoRec Tier 1 Campus Wide

CoRec Tier 1 Divisional

Open Tier 1 Campus Wide

Open Tier 1 Divisional

5 Sick Futsal Moves to Try Out!

5 Sick Futsal Moves to Try Out!


Have you ever felt like your futsal moves haven’t been the best? Would you like to get a “flick and kick” or a “roll and troll” in your next intramural game? Read on to learn about some awesome moves …

League Feature of the Week: UBC Hummingbirds

League Feature of the Week: UBC Hummingbirds

Our team of the week is the UBC Hummingbirds!

The UBC Hummingbirds, named because they are like the UBC Thunderbirds, just smaller! They are a Co-rec Tier 1 team playing in the SRC Futsal League.

How did they meet?