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5 Minute Fitness: Swiss Ball Plank


swiss-ball-plank*Remember to keep your hips down to maintain a straight line with you body, and engage your core!*

Workout Song of the Week:

Christie Arlottie Woods, of Handley Cup Soccer fame, is a fan of The Killer’s All These Things

5 Minute Fitness: Lunges with Weights

HP5MFheader3lunge-with-weightsChallenge Yourself:
Try doing the lunges on the balls of your feet (it requires much more control and further engages your leg muscles)

Workout song of the week:

A classic from Todd Ice Hockey’s Todd Kamensek – Eye of the

Get Out There: Grouse Mountain presents the Snowshoe Grind Run!

If you’ve ever attempted, completed or been dying to try the infamous Grouse Grind, why not take it one step further? On February 25th, North Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain is hosting it’s annual Snowshoe Grind Run on Saturday

February 25th! With …

5 Minute Fitness: Lumberjack

HP5MFheader3lumberjackRemember to keep your back muscles strong and engage your core

A Triathlete's Guide to Training in Vancouver

Looking for places to train for UBC’s 30th annual Triathlon Duathlon?
Some might consider Vancouver winters a bit of a chore. Rain, rain and then just for good measure, a bit of drizzle. Sometimes it can put a bit of …

Get Out There: The UBC Aquatic Centre

Did you have a blast at Inner Tube Water Polo last week? If so, consider checking out all of the activities and services the UBC Aquatic Centre has to offer to you as UBC student and fitness aficionado!

The …

5 Minute Fitness: Swiss Ball Pass

HP5MFheader3swissballpassWorkout Song of the Week

Ultimate’s Nathan Wong suggests Pedal to the Metal by Kazzer for any transition to higher intensity!

Get Out There: Take a walk in Stanley Park!

Getting your daily fitness fix doesn’t necessarily have to involve you busting your behind in the gym. This weekend, consider taking a few hours off to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery of Vancouver’s Stanley Park! 


Located in the …

5 Minute Fitness: Swiss Ball Jackknife



This week’s workout song comes from Ice Hockey’s Alex Clow, He recommends using it for burst training!