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Strong Shoulders, Strong Serve: The Story Behind Your Shoulders

Written By: Dr. Carla Cupido

Tennis players run a high risk of shoulder injury due to the repetitive and extremely dynamic nature of the sport.  However, a combination of the following can significantly decrease the threat of injuring …

Your Guide To Fun And Efficient Workouts On Campus

Looking to fill that hour between classes by getting physical? Don’t sweat it, or do. UBC has so much to offer in the line of exercise facilities and opportunities. Here is the low down on where to get fast, efficient

Get To Know Your Pro! – Godwin Yu

UBC Tennis Centre is pleased to let you know about our new monthly feature blog Get to Know Your Pro.   Each month a different tennis pro will be sharing some insight into their passion and motivations for being involved in …

Ten Reasons to Play Tennis

  1. Tennis is an excellent form of exercise.  Tennis increases cardiovascular fitness, while also developing strength, flexibility, coordination and agility.  Tennis is a fantastic sport to compliment many other athletic pursuits, as it works a variety of muscles across of the

Get Out There: Stay active this exam season!

While you may be tempted to avoid the outside in favour of cramming for your final exams, do not forget to work in some valuable fresh air into your study routine to avoid burn out and stay energized. Read on

Nutritionally Fit: Fueling Your Triathlon Race-Day

Everyone needs to eat a healthy, balanced diet, but highly active athletes need to take even more care in feeding into their body. If you are training for TriDu (or are just generally very active), you need to ensure that

Interview with a Triathlete

Even the elites of the sport come from humble beginnings. The best in sport can be faced with the same insecurities, nervousness, and excitement that faces novices as race day approaches. With the UBC TriDu just around the corner on

5 Minute Fitness: Swiss Ball Lunges



Workout song of the week:

Want to make your workout seem like “an epic montage”? Media’s Carter Brundage has the song for you – We Can Make the World Stop by The Glitch Mob.

Get Out There: Explore Vancouver's local ski hills this Reading Break!

With a week off from classes, midterms and term papers coming up next week, consider investing in some much-need fun during your time off! Vancouver boasts three local ski hills for your shredding pleasure: Grouse Mountain, Mt. Seymour and Cypress