Commit to these New Year's Resolutions!

So here we are: another year has passed and it is time to draft out another set of resolutions to work towards as 2012 approaches. Every year I make a list of what I want to accomplish or improve on

Pump Up The Protein?

Athletes, especially of the male variety, are often drawn to the so called “high protein diet”. High protein intake means big muscles right? What else could a man want? In the quest for muscular definition, however, it is important to

Exam Tips: Keep a clear head this finals season!

With classes coming to an end this Friday comes the long-awaited (or dreaded) finals season. Whether you have 1 exam or 6, you’ll ultimately be feeling some stress during these next few weeks. Read on to learn some tips on

More Than Just The Blues: Spotlight on Depression

Everyone one has periods of feeling down or sad, or in a negative rut. For some, this might last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. However, extended periods of sadness could also indicate depression. In fact,

The Campaign, The Cause, The Mustache

I can’t grow a mustache. This is both a good and a bad thing. It means that I don’t have to shave my face regularly, but it also means that I have to find more creative ways to support and

Keeping your mind in shape: Ways to take care of your mental health!

Last week, The Point addressed what mental health is, drawing on examples from the Canadian Mental Health Association. But amidst the stresses of academics, involvement, friends and family (and balancing all these things at once), how can one ensure that

Dine and Dash: Healthy Eating Options on Campus

It happened again. You slept in those extra 5 minutes, barely had time to throw on some mostly clean clothes, and almost missed the bus for the umpteenth time. Packing lunch just went out the window.  Now you’re faced with …