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Group Fitness Classes Descriptions

Class Description
Outdoor Boot Camp Enjoy a full-body workout in an outdoor setting!  Body-weight exercises, sports drills, and conditioning intervals help you develop lean muscle and functional strength, while improving your core strength and cardiovascular endurance.
Athletic Fitness Boot Camp Boost your performance with this functional, full-body workout.  Plyometrics, sports drills, kettlebells, and conditioning intervals train your functional strength, core strength, agility, speed, power, cardio endurance, and VO2 Max.
Beginner Boot Camp This moderate full-body workout effectively improves cardio, strength, and muscular endurance.  Our personal trainers guide you through correct exercise form and execution, increasing your confidence and fitness.
Body-weight Boot Camp Experience Calisthenics – the art of using your body-weight to build lean muscle, strong joints, flexibility, and mobility.  A mixture of controlled movements builds gymnastic strength.  
Cardio Core Boot Camp Feel the burn!  Cardio drills and high-intensity training intervals push your limits safely and effectively.  Our personal trainers lead you through technical core exercises targeting your abs, obliques, and glutes!
Circuit Boot Camp Perfect for participants who love exercise circuits!  This well-rounded workout improves your cardio, strength, muscle tone, and burns through calories using exercise circuits.  Core training included!
Express Boot Camp Short and sweet. Our trainers maximize the effectiveness of these 45-minute workouts by including compound resistance movements, AMRAPs, and cardio intervals.
Full-Body Boot Camp Boost your athletic performance with this full-body functional fitness workout.  Our trainers switch up the routine every class to provide you with a variety of functional strength training, core work, agility, and cardio endurance drills.
H.I.I.T. Get your sweat sesh here!  High Intensity Interval Training use short bursts of intense cardio training to maximize calorie burn and cardiovascular training.  Burn through calories and leave feeling proud (and sweaty). 
Pure Strength This strength-based class focuses on building lean, chiseled muscle and improve strength.  Our personal trainers coach you through effective resistance training exercises, with a focus on good form. 
Strength & Sculpt Boot Camp Build lean, chiseled muscle and improve strength with this full-body modular workout.  Our personal trainers will guide you through effective resistance training exercises, with cardio training mixed in to improve body composition.
TNT Boot Camp Trim and tone over your lunch hour with this fun, energetic class.  This well-rounded workout improves your cardio, strength, muscle tone, and burns through calories using exercise circuits, movement combinations, and instructor-led drills.
Tabata Boot Camp Tabata training incorporates short, intense bouts of intense effort followed by short rest periods.  This cardio-focused class will push your cardio to its limits. 
Abs & Strength This group-fitness-style class combines core work with resistance training in a fun and energetic setting.  Build strength and lean muscle, and target your core for improved posture and spine health.
CardioKick This group-fitness-style class is a fusion of kickboxing techniques, aerobic conditioning, and resistance training.  Drawing from traditional elements of martial arts, students will experience a full body blast in a fun and energetic setting.
Pump This group-fitness-style class highlights resistance training to give you that full-body pump.  Our motivating instructors help you push your limits in a fun and energetic setting.
Endurance Cycle Develop your muscular and cardiovascular endurance!  This 60-minute sweat session uses high-energy music to motivate you through longer speed intervals and climbing drills and leaves you with a sweaty endorphin high. 
Express Cycle Short and sweet!  Ride the rhythm of the music through this high-intensity Express class to maximize cardio training and calorie burn in 35-minutes.
Power Cycle Improve your cardio while building muscular strength and endurance!  This 45-minute class is filled with energetic combinations of speed work, intervals, climbs, and high-RPM sprints. 
Pilates Pilates is designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles, creating a toned and lean look. Pilates improves posture, flexibility and balance. Core exercises are emphasized, and you will definitely feel the burn!
Vinyasa Yoga Vinyasa Yoga focuses on strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Practitioners flow through yoga postures like sun salutations while maintaining mindfulness and connection to the breath.
Flow Yoga Fun and appropriate for all levels of skill for yoga. Flow Yoga places an emphasis on moving through postures while synchronizing your breath and movement, this class will develop core strength, breath awareness and improve your spine’s alignment.
Strength Beats This group-fitness style class uses low weights and lots of repetitions to build strength and lean muscle; making it a class for any fitness level! The workout is structured around great music that guides you through the exercises as we target every major muscle group and follow the beat throughout.
Hatha Yoga A relaxed, revitalizing all-levels class designed to improve flexibility and muscle tone. Transitions between poses are slower-paced, providing more opportunity to focus on alignment and form.