Moves on MacInnes provides free sports and activity equipment to the UBC community for use on MacInnes Field. As part of an investment from the University of British Columbia towards increasing access to student recreation, the Moves on MacInnes program is designed to encourage informal activities and social opportunities at the heart of UBC’s Vancouver campus.

Available Equipment

  • Ultimate discs
  • Kan Jam flying disc game
  • Jump ropes & fitness equipment
  • Hacky sacks
  • Juggling equipment
  • Spikeball sets
  • Soccer balls & pop-up soccer nets

How to Borrow Equipment

To borrow any of the available equipment, visit the UBC Student Recreation Centre’s front desk. You will need to provide a government photo ID or UBC Card as a deposit to sign out the equipment. When you’re done using the equipment, return it to the SRC and you will receive back your ID.

Student Recreation Centre

6000 Student Union Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Hours of Operation

September 5 - December 7

  • Mon - Fri: 6:30AM - 11PM
  • Sat - Sun: 9AM - 10PM

*All dates/times are subject to change

Holidays: visit the Holiday Hours page for updates

Suggest New Activities & Equipment

Feel like we’re missing something? Share your feedback with to suggest equipment, activities, or improvements for the Moves on MacInnes program.