[Quidditch] – October Octopus Open Tournament

UBC TSC Quidditch vs. SFU Quidditch vs. Vancouver Vanguard Quidditch

October 1st, 2022. 2-8 PM @UBC.


UBC vs. SFU: 110:125 (UBC was up by 50 points before snitch on pitch, SFU caught snitch)

UBC vs. Van: 75:120 (UBC caught snitch)

UBC Thunderbird Quidditch Sport Club had its first game of the season! This was also our second time hosting a tournament which was a huge success. This was the first game ever for four of our rookies and our first time this year going up against the other two Quidditch teams in Vancouver. This tournament was just for fun but we’ll be competing against the same teams at Western Canada Divisional Championships on October 23rd.