Spin & Group Fitness Schedule

Info IconNew Memberships for 2019-2020! Now introducing the brand new Boot Camps & Spin Membership in lieu of the Spin & Group Fitness Membership! Continue to enjoy all the benefits of Spin and Group Fitness classes with additional Boot Camps programs! For more information, please click the link below. Fall Memberships will be available for purchase starting August 19 for students, and September 1 for Staff/Faculty and Public. Please note that Fall Memberships do not come into effect until September 1, 2019.

Express Cycle

Short and sweet! Ride the rhythm of the music through this high-intensity Express class to maximize cardio training and calorie burn in 35-minutes.

Power Cycle

Improve your cardio while building muscular strength and endurance! This 40/45-minute class is filled with energetic combinations of speed work, intervals, climbs, and high-RPM sprints.

Endurance Cycle

Develop your muscular and cardiovascular endurance! This 60-minute sweat session uses high-energy music to motivate you through longer speed intervals and climbing drills and leaves you with a sweaty endorphin high.

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Enjoy unlimited Spin and Group Fitness Classes by purchasing the “Spin and Group Fitness Membership” when bundled with a Fitness Centre Membership for students. These membership based classes are automatically included in Fitness Centre Memberships for Staff & Faculty.