Find focus and build self-confidence while achieving mental and physical strength. UBC Recreation offers a variety of martial arts taught by experienced martial arts instructors who integrate discipline, precision, power, and self-defense into every lesson. The classes we offer, include but are not limited to: Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Iaido, and Judo. All levels are welcome to connect your mind and body, while developing your own strength, feeling of safety, empowerment and confidence.

What’s New?

Instructional Fitness Classes | Drop-in Available

January 24, 2023

Looking for more fitness classes on a flexible drop-in basis? We’ve got you covered! Check out the instructional fitness classes that are available for drop-in.

Bouldering Competition | Feb 3

January 20, 2023

Come test your bouldering skills at the Boulder Competition on Friday, February 3! There will be up to 4 climbers in each 1-hour time slot; so plan to climb with your friends and have fun!