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Welcome! Thank you for wanting to know more about our team. You can read about the story and specialization of our personal trainers by clicking on their name below:


Wade is a certified personal trainer with ACSM, and currently a fifth-year student in the UBC Kinesiology & Education Program.

He was first informally introduced to weightlifting when he was 16 and started working out consistently when he was in his second year at UBC.

Wade’s fitness journey was not always smooth sailing. Realizing that a little support and expertise go a long way, he became a trainer to work with those who would like to make positive lifestyle changes to accomplish their goals.

He firmly believes in meeting his clients where they are at, but challenging them enough that they get the results that they are capable of achieving.

He works to empower his clients through education of training principles, anatomy, physiology and general nutrition principles.

Fun fact: He sometimes listens to sad songs in the gym to pump him up.


Trixie is a 2nd year UBC Kinesiology student and an American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certified Trainer. She has always had a passion for sports growing up and eventually this passion evolved into a deeper understanding for the body. That’s when she discovered the gym and the importance of strength training.

Trixie specializes in strength and hypertrophy training, including weight loss. She believes that fitness is a lifelong journey, and approaches client’s goals with a transformational perspective,
implementing techniques and educating them so they can live a healthy lifestyle.

Fun fact: She only listens to 2016 rap in the gym.


Saran is a certified trainer and nutrition coach with ISSA, and is currently a second-year student in UBC’s Natural Resource Conservation Program. His introduction to fitness and weight-lifting started with running track and field in high school. Eventually he moved onto calisthenics, higher intensity exercise, and yoga as a way of optimizing his gut, circulation, and respiratory health.

He uses an adaptive approach beginning with emphasis on fundamental movement and core strength, and seeks to
challenge his clients to usurp their own self-expectations.

Fun fact: He uses an anime opening playlist specifically for workouts where he really needs motivation.


Programs Taught - Winter 2024  
Workout 101 
Saturdays 9AM-9:55AM 
Sundays 9AM-9:55AM


Sam is a 4th year Biology student and a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Trainer. His fitness journey began in high school with the goal of gaining strength and building his physique. Before getting into fitness, Sam already played a variety of sports including basketball, soccer and track, but through his developments in the gym, he established a strong sense of confidence in himself.

Sam specializes in strength and hypertrophy training, and he aims to help others achieve their fitness goals by sharing his expertise and experience, inspiring confidence and dedication in his clients.

Fun Fact: He has once eaten 10k calories in a day for a challenge!


Pawan’s a 4th year Political Science Major and an ISSA certified personal trainer. His fitness journey was unique as growing up, weight management was incredibly difficult. This has changed substantially however as Pawan has lost 120+ lbs since, and has managed to incorporate sustainable and lifelong habits alongside his passion for sports.

Pawan specializes with weight loss and emphasizes easy and sustainable approaches to fitness, so as to lower the bar of entry for anybody.

Fun Fact: He is currently training for his black belt in Goju-Ryu Karate, while pursuing various other Martial Arts.


Oliver is a NASM certified personal trainer with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition. Oliver has an extensive sports background ranging from gymnastics, parkour, trampoline, and basketball. Having competed in gymnastics, Oliver developed a passion for movement. After suffering different injuries and setbacks, Oliver now focuses on functional, natural movement to enhance health and performance. He spends his time training calisthenics and climbing, hoping to increase strength, mobility, and body control.

Oliver aims to help others reach their fitness and health goals, drawing upon his understanding of science as well as the mental and physical barriers to making personal changes. He knows that getting in touch with the ‘why’ behind our goals leads us to the ‘how’. He hopes to allow clients to inspire themselves by achieving things they did not expect of themselves.

Fun fact: He is a musician! (Spotify: Indiana Sage)


Marcus is currently in his 4th year of Kinesiology. He began going to the gym in high school for football, where resistance training quickly became his passion alongside other various sports.

Although Marcus has experience in various types of training, such as Olympic lifting, he specializes in strength, hypertrophy, and weight loss. Marcus aims to give clients the appropriate tools they need to continue living an active life outside of sessions.

Fun fact: At one time, Marcus had memberships to 3 different gyms within a month.


Kennedy is a 3rd year UBC Arts student and a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified trainer. Her passion for strength training developed through home workouts during the lockdown, where she gained an appreciation for the social and mental benefits of exercise.

Kennedy’s areas of expertise includes strength and resistance training, as well as endurance training. Kennedy takes a bodyneutral approach, focusing on non-weight focused metrics during training. She aims to support her
clients in achieving their greatest athletic abilities through evidence-based fitness planning.

Fun fact: You may see Kennedy running around campus as she trains for various half and full marathons!

Programs Taught – Winter 2024
Workout 101 for Women (Trans Welcome)
Saturdays 9Am-9:55AM


Kavya is a 3rd year Business and Computer Science student who became a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Trainer because of her passion for understanding the complexities of the human body and applying that knowledge to transformative fitness journeys.

Originally embarking on her own fitness journey driven by the desire for physical transformation, Kavya’s motivations evolved into a profound exploration of strength, confidence, and self-acceptance. Transitioning from viewing exercise as a chore to embracing the gym as her “happy place”, she delights in crafting engaging workouts and experimenting with innovative programs.

Believing in the power of consistent effort and celebrating small victories, Kavya guides her clients toward their fitness aspirations while fostering a sense of enjoyment, body awareness, and healthy, sustainable habits.

Fun Fact:  Beyond her role as a fitness trainer, Kavya’s dedication extends to coaching mathematics, where she has positively impacted the lives of over 84 students.


Cameron is a third-year Kinesiology student at UBC and a dedicated BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer. With a lifelong passion for sports, including soccer, basketball, rugby, and track, Cameron intimately understands the demands and challenges of successful training habits.

Having experienced his fair share of injuries during his athletic journey, Cameron embarked on a personal quest to discover the transformative power of weight training and mobility exercises for injury recovery and prevention. This journey ignited his fervent dedication to helping others achieve their goals of optimal health and functionality through tailored fitness programs.

Cameron firmly believes in the importance of crafting individualized training regimens that strike the perfect balance between comfort and challenge, tailored precisely to each client’s unique goals and needs. His meticulous approach ensures that clients not only reach their fitness milestones but also cultivate a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

Fun Fact:  Beyond the gym walls, Cameron enjoys staying active outdoors through hiking and climbing.


Ava is a first-year student studying public health and a NASM certified trainer. Growing up as a classical dancer, she developed a passion for human movement and learned the importance of proper training. Throughout her life, she’s trained in various disciplines, including running and weightlifting. She draws from her diverse athletic experiences to inform her practice to build a wholistic training experience.

Ava specializes in strength and performance training for people of every fitness level, with an emphasis on mindfulness and body neutrality. Her goal as your trainer is to help you build a relationship with your body and exercise that empowers you to reach whatever goals you may set.

Fun fact: She has hit every single lifting PR while listening to Nicki Minaj!


Aspen is a 4th year student in UBC’s Environmental Sustainability program and a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer. As a former competitive volleyball player she was introduced to weight training early on in high-school and since then has channeled her passion for fitness into helping others achieve their health and wellness goals.

Aspen uses an empathetic coaching style and from her background in team sports she has learnt the importance of trust and support in helping others be successful. She is committed to building client confidence in the gym through providing encouragement and accountability while using evidence based practice to help her clients develop independent skills to ensure long-term health and well being.


Amir is a 1st year Neuroscience student and an American Council of Exercise (ACE) certified trainer and dotFIT certified nutritionist. His athletic career started with Taekwondo, where he earned a black belt at the age of 10. He then excelled as a semi-pro soccer player in Vancouver’s HPL division. He then went on to compete in natural bodybuilding competitions at the age of 17.

Amir specializes in weight training with a focus on strength and hypertrophy. By using a holistic approach, he tries to motivate his clients to excel both physically and spiritually throughout their fitness journey!

Fun fact: He has watched ‘The Office’ 12 times!


Programs Taught - Winter 2024 
Workout 101 
Saturdays 9AM-9:55AM
Sundays 9AM-9:55AM


Allen is a 3rd year Kinesiology student and ACE-IT Program graduate. His journey started in high school, looking for a unique athletic identity in the weight room, in comparison to his friends’ pathways. It was in the weight room where he found confidence, taking ownership of his progress and making himself proud of his efforts. Allen specializes in body composition, coupled with strength and resistance training.

Through tested approaches of exercise, accompanied by the right attitude, Allen aims to guide clients to their goals through mentored instruction and providing examples.

Fun Fact: Allen says that punk rock music from 2005 is still a thing!


Aisha is a 2nd year UBC Psychology student and National Academic of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Trainer. Playing basketball at a very high level growing up is what sparked her passion for the gym. This allowed her to develop a sense of ownership, and build relationships that made her understand the impact exercise can have on not only her physical fitness, but overall well-being as well. Aisha emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach, that focuses on developing beneficial fitness habits
transferable to external everyday contexts.

Fun Fact: Her favorite way to stay active outside the gym is dance!