UBC Recreation is committed to providing all individuals on campus with welcoming, accessible, and enjoyable physical recreation opportunities.  Explore this section to find free and low barrier activities suitable for all abilities, backgrounds, and fitness levels.

What’s Your Movement Goal?

At UBC we believe that every individual is unique in their physical activity needs and that through recreation you can connect with the community, cope with stress, and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Knowing your goals for being active can help you to determine the best options available to fit your lifestyle. Discover some programs or events at UBC that might pique your interest.

  • Discover 124 different group fitness classes for no cost at UBC Recreation's Free Week from September 9-15, 2019. Details can be found on the Free Week page.
  • Join a free Guided Walk!
  • Find some time for drop-in sports and activities such as badminton and basketball.
  • Gain confidence and learn from a Personal Trainer
  • Simply sit less and move more. Find fun and different way to be active in February with the annual Move UBC campaign.

How Can We Help You Move at UBC?


Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise between class, work, studying, commuting, and family responsibilities. We are committed to offering a diverse range of physical recreation opportunities suitable for all ages, abilities, and needs. If you have concerns about whether a program or event is right for you, reach out and let us help!

Call or send us an email at the Student Recreation Centre Operations desk to start the conversation and you will be directed to the appropriate person:
Tel: 604-822-6000 (SRC Operations Centre)
Email: src.operations@ubc.ca


UBC Recreation is a member of the Physical Activity Office and partners across campuses with multiple departments to help all UBC community members to move more and sit less.  The Physical Activity Office acts to improve individual health, wellbeing, and quality of life through a collaborative and coordinated approach to programming, research, and education in physical activity and health promotion. One of the many projects of the Physical Activity Office is the annual Move UBC campaign.  Find out how you can partner with us by contacting the Physical Activity Office directly at physical.activity@ubc.ca.

We want every person to find a way to participate in our programs. Wherever possible, we strive to adapt programs and events to offer all participants of all abilities the chance to try our programs. Here are some below!

Should you have questions about any of the programs you see both in the list above or anywhere on the Recreation website, please contact the Student Recreation Centre (SRC) Operations desk and you will be directed to the appropriate program manager:
Tel: 604-822-6000 (SRC Operations Centre)
Email: src.operations@ubc.ca


Physical Activity News & Upcoming Events

Working from Home with Kids: Communicating Expectations

Make a plan, stick to a routine, and don’t sweat the small stuff! Time management and communication are key.

Children thrive with structure! Creating a weekly and/or daily routine can help create a sense of normalcy. How much structure and guidance your children need on a daily basis will depend on their unique needs, personalities and age; no one understands this better than you. 

Regardless of how detailed a routine you develop, it is vital you communicate the family plan to your children. Sit down and walk children through what they can expect both weekdays and weekends to look like. Younger children may need you to break down what working from home actually means (ex. you won’t be available after breakfast, and they will need to knock on the door and wait to speak with you until it’s a good time). We recommend you consider:

Snack Breaks
    • Set a time and do your best to stick with it! Take the opportunity to eat, socialize and break with your children.
    • Use egg timers, sand timers, or draw on a clock face with a whiteboard marker to help children understand the rhythm of the day.
    • Reassure children that while there are times you cannot have long conversations or play, you look forward to time together later.
Spatial Boundaries
    • Set-up a designated workspace away from as many distractions as possible; ensure children know to keep their activities separate. 
School Work
    • Most children will need dedicated help with online or take-away academic material; it may be too much to multitask and complete your own work simultaneously, so plan ahead. 
    • Brainstorm boredom busters with your children, and for older children, create an activity idea list, jar or activity spinner to encourage independent decision making.  
    • Have a winning ‘plan b’ to implement on difficult days (ex. afternoon matinee with popcorn, a full-apartment blanket fort, etc.).
    • Use a combination of words and symbols to write out and display the family routine in a visible place.
    • Homemade workplace signage is also a great ‘make busy’ project for kids!
    • Some children might thrive with a customized ‘either/or’ schedule to ease the anxiety of an overwhelming amount of time at home.


Don’t forget to take a moment to acknowledge your children for following your family’s new routine. Use verbal affirmations, token rewards such as stickers, or special activities to reinforce positive behaviors. Remain flexible and adapt each day as needed. Don’t strive for perfection, and most of all, be patient and kind with yourself and your children!

Mindful Snacking While at Home

by Trista Yuan


The practice of social distancing has seemingly turned into a marathon with no finish line in sight. While snacks are a great source of fuel to get us through the day (and night), it seems like many of us have a concern about the non-stop munching at home. Know that it’s experienced by a lot of individuals. It’s hard to resist those tempting snacks when you are stuck at home and they are within arm’s reach.

Baby Yoda Quarantreats

Source: healthbeet.org

Don’t want to eat all your quarantine snacks in a day? Below are some tips for you to reduce snaccidents!

Tip 1. Listen to your hunger cues and avoid mindless eating

Be mindful of what your body wants. Ask yourself before you are about to snack: “am I feeling hungry, or am I just using it as a coping mechanism when I’m bored, tired or stressed?”.

If you are not hungry, try doing something other than mindless eating. You can divert your attention to activities such as trying something new, organizing your place, doing exercises, and writing a journal. For example, I have set up a routine where I work out with friends on Zoom every day. Sometimes we try intense workout challenges and sometimes we just do silly dance moves. Apart from taking my mind off of snacking, it is super fun and energizing.

On the other hand, it is important to avoid excessive hunger, as it can drive you to nutrient-empty food choices and overeating at your next meal.

Tip 2. Take Control Over the Portion Sizes

People tend to eat almost everything that’s in front of them, especially when it comes to snacks. This is also why food companies are selling more “club” or “jumbo” sized products. Have you stocked up on those big bulk packages in preparation for social distancing? No worries if you did – just means you know how to spend your money (unless it was toilet paper).

However, always re-portion them yourself. Instead of snacking from the original package, divide the snacks into smaller portions beforehand and take one at a time. You’d be surprised by the difference this makes compared to just munching from the original portion.

Did you know about US Portion Sizes?

Source: me.me

Tip 3. Stay Hydrated

Good hydration is one of the easiest and most important things we can do to take care of our bodies. The more hydrated you are, the less likely you will feel hungry, so be sure to keep water near you at all times and try to sip it consistently throughout the day. Especially if you are eating foods that are high in salt, sugar, or fat (which are most snacks).

Tip 4. Hide Your Treats

Can’t stop seeing the treats around your place? Feel like they are calling your name? Then put them away – somewhere you can’t see and takes effort to access! It could be the top kitchen cabinet, a box in the basement, or drawers and high shelves. You might still think about them from time to time, but at least now you won’t be constantly exposed to them when you walk around your place. Plus, the more barriers you set, the less likely you will be eating snacks mindlessly.

Tip 5. Make Your Own Snacks

Now that you are stuck at home for a while, it is the best time to try making your own snacks! This way, you’ll engage yourself in an activity and you’ll know exactly what’s in them. You can tailor the ingredients to your preferences. There are many good (and simple) recipes online for you to experiment. Not only do you get to enjoy the fruit of your own work, but also the process! Lots of people find cooking and baking fun and relaxing, even more so than eating the finished product.

Let's make woofles

Source: lolpix.com

Tip 6: Cut Yourself Some Slack!

At the end of the day, don’t be so hard on yourself. This is an uncertain and stressful time and self-care is important. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself with your soul foods – as long as there is a healthy balance. A good rule is to have one treat per day and one more if you are feeling down or having intense cravings. If you went overboard in the morning, you can do better in the afternoon. If you had a bad day, there is always tomorrow. We’re in this together and we’ll get through this together!


Developing New Fitness Habits at Home

By: Isabelle Pasin

With all of us now spending our days at home, it can feel like a major change in routine. While our daily routines previously consisted of getting outside, being active, going to class, going to the gym, and seeing friends, now we are staying at home and looking for new routines. Having some kind of daily or weekly fitness routine can help us keep a sense of normalcy as we adapt to this new lifestyle. Here are a few ways you can develop new fitness habits and routines while you are staying at home.

  • Set an alarm! I always have the habit of setting an alarm every morning, even if I do not necessarily have anywhere to go. This helps keep your sleeping schedule consistent, which maintains your energy levels for your fitness activities! It can also help you get out of bed to do that morning at-home workout 😉
  • Create a workout schedule! This will help keep you accountable to your fitness goals and create a plan of action for how you want to stay active at home!
  • Find your favourite time to exercise! This is something that I always suggest to students, whether you are working out at home or at the gym. Some people like to work out early in the morning, and some people prefer to work out at night. Figure out when your energy is highest and stick to what you like! This will keep you motivated.
  • Make use of online resources! With everyone #WorkingFromHome, the amount of online fitness resources available has grown a lot. Be sure to check out our Instagram account @ubcrec for examples of at-home workouts, live workout classes, and fitness tips! Follow along with our workouts if you are unsure of how to exercise at home.
  • Find a fun workout playlist! When you are exercising at home, you can play whatever music you want! Find something that makes you happy, keeps you moving, and keeps you motivated to finish your workout. You can check out Spotify or Apple Music for some playlist ideas.
  • Keep it up! Remember, we won’t be at home forever. If you can do your part now and #StayAtHome, we can all be back in the gym in no time! Keep up your fitness routine at home as best as you can to maintain your mental and physical health and crush your fitness goals. Don’t give up! We will all be back at UBC Recreation soon 😉


These tips can help us all adjust to a new routine while staying active and healthy. Keep up with @ubcrec on Instagram for more updates and to stay connected with us! We are all in this together, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions! Your personal trainers have a lot more content coming up for you. Stay healthy!


Get Moving with some dance music!

It’s important to be mindful of maintaining physical activity when working from home, and what better way to break up bouts of inactivity than by having a dance party! So try this: every hour, play a song and let just your body move. Enjoy the music with friends and family for some wholesome fun! Here are some tunes to jam to:

24k Magic – Bruno Mars

The Git Up – Blanco Brown

YMCA – The Village People

In For The Kill – La Roux

Take On Me – a-ha

I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) – Eurythmics

Cha Cha Slide – Mr C The Slide Man

Above all, never play Harlem Shake no matter what!