UBC Recreation is committed to providing all individuals on campus with welcoming, accessible, and enjoyable physical recreation opportunities.  Explore this section to find free and low barrier activities suitable for all abilities, backgrounds, and fitness levels.

What’s Your Movement Goal?

At UBC we believe that every individual is unique in their physical activity needs and that through recreation you can connect with the community, cope with stress, and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Knowing your goals for being active can help you to determine the best options available to fit your lifestyle. Discover some programs or events at UBC that might pique your interest.

  • Discover 124 different group fitness classes for no cost at UBC Recreation's Free Week from January 7-13, 2019. Details can be found on the Free Week page.
  • Join a free Guided Walk!
  • Find some time for drop-in sports and activities such as badminton and basketball.
  • Gain confidence and learn from a Personal Trainer
  • Simply sit less and move more. Find fun and different way to be active in February with the annual Move UBC campaign.

How Can We Help You Move at UBC?


Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise between class, work, studying, commuting, and family responsibilities. We are committed to offering a diverse range of physical recreation opportunities suitable for all ages, abilities, and needs. If you have concerns about whether a program or event is right for you, reach out and let us help!

Call or send us an email at the Student Recreation Centre Operations desk to start the conversation and you will be directed to the appropriate person:
Tel: 604-822-6000 (SRC Operations Centre)
Email: src.operations@ubc.ca


UBC Recreation is a member of the Physical Activity Office and partners across campuses with multiple departments to help all UBC community members to move more and sit less.  The Physical Activity Office acts to improve individual health, wellbeing, and quality of life through a collaborative and coordinated approach to programming, research, and education in physical activity and health promotion. One of the many projects of the Physical Activity Office is the annual Move UBC campaign.  Find out how you can partner with us by contacting the Physical Activity Office directly at physical.activity@ubc.ca.

We want every person to find a way to participate in our programs. Wherever possible, we strive to adapt programs and events to offer all participants of all abilities the chance to try our programs. Here are some below!

Should you have questions about any of the programs you see both in the list above or anywhere on the Recreation website, please contact the Student Recreation Centre (SRC) Operations desk and you will be directed to the appropriate program manager:
Tel: 604-822-6000 (SRC Operations Centre)
Email: src.operations@ubc.ca


Physical Activity News & Upcoming Events

‘Tis the Season of Finals

‘Tis the season of finals, which means you’re probably not singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” just yet. Although you may be dreading the next couple of weeks, there are in fact perks to finals season!

1) Feeling stressed? Need a 30min break?

Get active and feel relaxed with the $15 UBC Recreation Yoga Pass and get unlimited access to daily yoga classes from December 1-15th!



2) Studying in the same spot again?!

Why not try somewhere new and while you’re at it try out a standing desk! Standing while studying can help improve concentration and reduce neck and back pain.

Not sure where to go? Try out the standing desks found in:

  • Scarfe Building: Education Library
  • Life Building: Kitty-corner to Subway
  • The Nest: Upper levels overlooking the ground floors
  • Woodward: Near the windows on the main floor of the library or basement level
  • ICICS Computer Science Building: When entering by Pacific Poke on the far left against the windows
  • Irving K. Barber: 3rd floor of the library or when coming from the main staircase on the right in the hallway near the washrooms


3) It’s the holiday season, which means campus is lit… literally!

Enjoy the beautiful lights displayed around campus with an on-campus run. It’s not all year that you can run down main mall and through Westbrook village with Christmas lights lighting your way!


4) On your way to a week-long bubble tea and McDonald meal streak?

Try out a 5 ingredient and 5 minutes max meal to change it up!


Still dreading finals? I’d beg to differ! Try out the above tricks and tips and you’ll be finishing finals with a smile.

Move U Crew 2018-2019

The Move U Crew is part of a UBC initiative that started in 2017, committed to enhancing accessible physical activity opportunities across campus. Some of our activities include leading guided walks and delivering movement breaks in classrooms, conferences, and meetings, as well as hosting physical activity events. Our goal is to engage students, staff and faculty in reducing sedentary behavior as well as increasing overall wellbeing at UBC.

Meet The Team

Sara Cathcart

Year: 3 / Major: Kinesiology

Aspirations after grad: To work in Sport Business (Sports Marketer or Physiologist)

Favorite Food? This one is always so tough! Sweet = Definitely Ice Cream / Savoury = Dim Sum or Sushi (I can’t choose)

Favorite sport? To play = Track and Field, To watch = Hockey

Favorite place on campus? Pacific Spirit Running Trails

Pet peeves? When people touch my pillow or wear full length jeans with flip flops


Mona Adib

Year: 3 / Major: Pharmacology

Aspirations after grad: To be the coolest, hippest dentist on the block

Favorite Food? I love home-cooked Persian meals, beets and chocolate croissants

Favorite Sport? I’m trying to become a decent ping pong player (but it’s not really working). I also love jogging and playing tag!

Favorite place on campus? In front of the fire at Mercante

Pet peeves? People who stand on the left side of the escalator. Grrrr!


Amber Guo

Year: 3 / Major: Asian studies

Aspirations after grad: Grad school or travelling while working and volunteering

Favorite Food? Mac and Cheese, or any cheese dish

Favorite Sport? I like to watch gymnastics and volleyball. I’m trying to be a faster swimmer. I’m also hoping to buy a really nice skateboard that I can cruise on

Favorite place on campus? The Koerner Library for studying, the Nitobe Memorial garden for walking in nature

Pet peeves? Taking screenshots for anything I find interesting. I never look at the pictures again and don’t really want to delete them either (they take up so much storage on my phone!)



Maria Alaia

Year: 2 / Major: Sociology with a Minor in Law & Society

Aspirations after grad: Thinking of law school… and one day, to travel the world!

Favorite Food? My mom’s homemade minestrina on sick days

Favorite Sport? I like watching figure skating, I want to try horseback riding one day, and I recently started dragonboating this year!

Favorite place on campus? Those hammocks at MOA

Pet peeves? When people don’t move to the back of the bus and then the bus looks full but it’s really not and the bus driver skips your stop because they think it’s too full :’(


Yang Xia

Year: 1 of a second undergraduate degree / Major: Computer Science

Aspirations after grad: becoming a computational biologist in the field of cancer genomics

Favorite Food? Hot and sour soup

Favorite Sport? Playing badminton and ping pong, watching diving and figure skating

Favorite place on campus? The Rose Garden and the Main Fountain

Pet peeves? My iPhone apps need to be organized and placed within distinct categories from the 2nd page onward, and so every new app I download has to be placed into some folder



Kero Daowd

Year: 5 / Major: Kin

Aspirations after grad: to pursue a Masters in Public Health and then go into Policing (I know, it doesn’t make sense but oh well)!

Favorite Food? My favorite food by far is Japanese food. I love sushi, teriyaki, any sort of bowls and every type of seafood that exists

Favorite Sport? My favorite sport to play is ice hockey and it just so happens to be my favorite to watch too! I love the fast-pace energy that hockey provides

Favorite place on campus? You can always find me wandering about in the Rose Garden, or in the forest behind MOA in my free time – these are places I visit regularly to de-stress and just enjoy my surroundings

Pet peeves? Individuals who vigorously shake their legs while sitting because it sends a vibration through the whole row of tables and chairs. I also am annoyed by people who come up with a million excuses not to do something – just do it!


Lyz Gilgunn


What was your major and what aspirations do you have for the future?

I completed my BA in Recreation and Health Education at University of Victoria, and currently completing my Master of Public Health through University of Alberta (distance). When I grow up I want to be the Manager of Physical Activity at UBC Recreation. Or a dancer.

Favorite Food? Tacos and chocolate cake (separately)

Favorite sport? Soccer

Favorite place on campus? Pacific Spirit Park

Pet peeves? Food waste. I will find a way to eat everything!

Thank you for joining UBC’s Largest Zumba!

Thank you to everyone who joined us at UBC’s Largest Zumba 2018. We hope you enjoyed shaking your booty to some fabulous music and we look forward to seeing you at future events. Find more activities and events on our UBC Recreation website.

And be sure to check out our Facebook Photo Gallery for pictures from UBC’s Largest Zumba!

Seasonal Tips: Stay Active this Winter

Vancouver had a beautiful autumn this year, but winter is fast approaching. While it’s tempting to stay in by the fireplace and munch on your favorite snacks, don’t give up on exercising just because it’s chilly outside!

The UBC campus offers plenty of ways to keep active and stay fit despite the cold, so come the new year, that’s one less thing to add to your resolutions.

Change Up Your Routine

Staying motivated to hit the gym when it’s dark after 5pm can be tough, but adjusting your schedule to keep that fitness in is worth it. Try waking up earlier and work out in the morning, so in the evening when you’ve settled on the couch you’ll have gotten your daily exercise out of the way. Working out in the morning is also a great way to start the day, and the winter air can help you stay awake, invigorated, and ready to start those early morning classes with ease.

Explore New Activities

While the obvious way to exercise in the winter is to go to the gym, don’t be afraid to try some winter activities! Ice skating at the Doug Mitchel Thunderbird Sports Centre is free for all students and faculty with a UBC card, so feel free to bring a friend or two and get into the holiday spirit! Swimming continues year round and is also free for UBC affiliates. Take a lap around the pools and then bask in the sauna or hot tub to forget about the cold outside. UBC Recreation also offers free one-hour weekly themed walks around campus, whatever the weather, which are hosted by the Move U Crew. Get a little step in your day when you don’t have time to do any fitness before or after work, while learning about new places on campus.

Any Movement Counts

Have classes on the third floor? Climb the stairs! Live 15 minutes away from campus? Walk or bike to school! Do some bicep curls while you memorize those pesky chemical formulas, using simple everyday items such as milk jugs or textbooks. Absorb the sunshine in these winter months by taking a jog around your neighborhood. Rake those leaves out of your driveway, and when the snow hits, shovel shovel shovel! Disguise your chores as a chance to be active. The MoveU Crew also offers movement breaks, so if you’re in class wishing you could use that time to exercise, they’ve got you covered! Take any chance you get to put some fitness into your day, because every little bit counts.

Don’t Forget to Layer Up!

Last but not least, remember to bundle up! Insulate your body with lots of layers of clothing to brace yourself against the elements. For the first layer, wear sportswear so if it gets wet from rain or snow, it will keep the moisture away from your skin. Then add fleece or a sweater, and finally, a thin waterproof layer such as a jacket. In these darker months, sport reflective material if you are exercising past daylight hours. While it’s important to exercise, a little preparation to keep you protected and healthy goes a long way! Keep hydrated, wear layers, and stay safe!