UBC Recreation is committed to providing all individuals on campus with welcoming, accessible, and enjoyable physical recreation opportunities.  Explore this section to find free and low barrier activities suitable for all abilities, backgrounds, and fitness levels.

What’s Your Movement Goal?

At UBC we believe that every individual is unique in their physical activity needs and that through recreation you can connect with the community, cope with stress, and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Knowing your goals for being active can help you to determine the best options available to fit your lifestyle. Discover some programs or events at UBC that might pique your interest.

  • Discover 124 different group fitness classes for no cost at UBC Recreation's Free Week from September 10-16, 2018. Details can be found on the Free Week page.
  • Join a free Guided Walk!
  • Find some time for drop-in sports and activities such as badminton and basketball.
  • Gain confidence and learn from a Personal Trainer
  • Simply sit less and move more. Find fun and different way to be active in February with the annual Move UBC campaign.

How Can We Help You Move at UBC?


Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise between class, work, studying, commuting, and family responsibilities. We are committed to offering a diverse range of physical recreation opportunities suitable for all ages, abilities, and needs. If you have concerns about whether a program or event is right for you, reach out and let us help!

Call or send us an email at the Student Recreation Centre Operations desk to start the conversation and you will be directed to the appropriate person:
Tel: 604-822-6000 (SRC Operations Centre)
Email: src.operations@ubc.ca


UBC Recreation is a member of the Physical Activity Office and partners across campuses with multiple departments to help all UBC community members to move more and sit less.  The Physical Activity Office acts to improve individual health, wellbeing, and quality of life through a collaborative and coordinated approach to programming, research, and education in physical activity and health promotion. One of the many projects of the Physical Activity Office is the annual MoveUBC campaign (hyperlink).  Find out how you can partner with us by contacting the Physical Activity Office directly at physical.activity@ubc.ca.

We want every person to find a way to participate in our programs. Wherever possible, we strive to adapt programs and events to offer all participants of all abilities the chance to try our programs. Here are some below!

Should you have questions about any of the programs you see both in the list above or anywhere on the Recreation website, please contact the Student Recreation Centre (SRC) Operations desk and you will be directed to the appropriate program manager:
Tel: 604-822-6000 (SRC Operations Centre)
Email: src.operations@ubc.ca


Physical Activity News & Upcoming Events

Thank you Move U Crew!

Thank you to the 2017/18 Move U Crew for your hard work and contributions to physical activity on campus. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors! We will be hiring a new Move U Crew in August 2018 for the upcoming year and encourage anyone interested in being part of this team to apply. More information on the Move U Crew can be found HERE.

Meet Andy: MoveU Crew’s ParaNordic Athlete Extraordinaire!

Meet Andy…ParaNordic athlete, sports enthusiast and MoveU Crew member. Andy joined the MoveU Crew in 2017 to share with UBC his passion for sports and movement.

Favourite sports? Nordic skiing, playing soccer, or badminton.

Approach to health? Eat well, sleep lots, and get outside moving regularly!

Favorite place on campus? Sauder building. I enjoy hanging out in the library when I do my readings.

Book the MoveU Crew to lead a movement break in your class, lecture, meeting or event, and join the MoveU Crew on a walk around campus!

Meet Doris: MoveU Crew Yoga Enthusiast

Meet Doris, MoveU Crew Team Member, fourth year Commerce student and unsuspecting yoga enthusiast. We got to know Doris a bit more during our MoveU Crew weekly meetings.

Inspiration? Movement. Music. Food. Travel.

Favorite sports? Yoga & swimming

Favorite Coffee? Iced latte

Favorite place on campus? Nitobe Garden. This beautiful garden welcomes visitors with different views in all four season. Be sure to catch the miss cherry blossoms in the spring, irises in summer, and maples in autumn!

Book the MoveU Crew to lead a movement break in your class, lecture, meeting or event.

Join the MoveU Crew on a walk around campus.

Meet the MoveU Crew ‘Passion Specialist’

Meet our ‘Passion Specialist’ Kirk. Kirk joined the MoveU Crew this winter and provides charm and wit as he guides weekly walks around campus. We found out more about Kirk during this week’s Dog Walk.

“We guide walks around our beautiful campus and bring ideas from strangers which will inspire you and help you escape from the stressful life.”

Inspiration? Sports, sleeping and food.

Favorite way to move? Night jogging with my favorite music on, around the beautiful UBC campus.

Favorite movie? Forrest Gump. Run! Run! Run Forrest run!

Food? Tacos and my granny’s special Miso Soup!

Approach to health? Tennis and karate. Imagine the final is the ball, hit it as hard as I can.

Parting words? Hi there, I love meeting new friends during our walks and talking with them.

I have a very diverse background. Want to get inspired? Find me via the MoveU Crew and join our guided walks. We will “moveU” to where you want to be. The sky is our limit!

Book the MoveU Crew to lead a movement break in your class, lecture, meeting or event.

Join the MoveU Crew on a walk around campus.