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Workshop Details

Learn some tips on how to safely and efficiently bike to UBC! This workshop will cover the following:

  • How to do a basic bike check before hitting the road
  • Where to fill up your bike tires
  • Tips on clothing gear and bike accessories
  • How to put your bike on the bus
  • Keeping your bike safe from theft on campus
  • Planning a biking route
  • Best routes to bike to campus
  • Bike resources at UBC
  • And more! 

Daniel Kaiser (he/him)

Physical Activity Office Assistant

Daniel is a 5th year psychology student and a member of the UBC men’s soccer team. Aside from soccer, Daniel is an avid hiker, biker, surfer, and overall outdoors lover. He is very passionate about active transportation and the positive impact it can have on one’s physical health, mental health, and an individual’s carbon footprint.
Daniel is a Physical Activity Office Assistant, working behind the scenes for a variety of different events, projects, and initiatives. His goal is to make a difference within the UBC community and promote the perks of an active lifestyle and the benefits it can have on a community and individuals.

Registration deadline: September 20, 2022 @12pm

This session will provide an overview of the basics of sleep, including how much sleep is recommended and the biobehavioural mechanisms that link sleep to future health outcomes. Next, I will share findings from my own research about how sleep might influence responses to stressful events, including recent evidence how poor sleep affects our expectations of stressful events the next day. The latter part of this session will be devoted to Q&A to discuss tips for maintaining sleep health amid stress.

This session is a special edition session in partnership with the United Way. While registration is free, we encourage you to make a donation to the United Way if you can. 

Jin Wen

Jin completed his Master’s degree in Health Psychology at the University of British Columbia in 2020. He is currently a PhD student in the Health Psychology program under the supervision of Dr. Nancy Sin. Jin’s research interest is examining the effects of night-to-night sleep on daily stress and emotions via ecological momentary assessments and biomarkers (e.g., cortisol, inflammation). His current research seeks to evaluate cognitive appraisals as potential mechanisms in the links between objective sleep measures (e.g. actigraphy) and next-day affective reactivity to daily stressors. His future goal is to strive to develop accessible interventions to help improve sleep hygiene as well as mitigate the negative effects of daily stress.

Registration deadline: October 18, 2022 @12pm

This workshop focuses on exploring the different ways climate change impacts our mental health and wellbeing through resilience and trauma-informed strategies. This session is meant to offer thoughtful supportive space for learning, sharing, listening and expressing experiences about the intersections of climate change, mental health and wellbeing. There are NO expectations that attendees must engage in the discussion or respond to posed questions. Sometimes we just need to / prefer to listen and absorb and reflect, and that is okay and welcome. There are no “right” or “wrong” climate emotions. We are human and can hold despair and grief alongside hope and joy in complex and meaningful ways. This is a space that seeks to honour that complexity.

Meghan Wise (she/her)

UBC Climate Hub Coordinator 

Meghan is a settler who is descended from Danish and Ukrainian framers and grew up on Sylix territory in the Okanagan Valley. Meghan completed a master’s degree in the Department of Political Science at the University of British Columbia, which explored climate migration, climate and gender, how climate metaphors can shape human thinking, emotion and responses to climate challenges, and the potential for framing fossil fuels as a type of virus causing a global climate change pandemic. In 2020, Meghan completed a UBC Sustainability Scholars report on climate change, mental health and community resilience and supported the Community Engagement and Wellbeing Working Group as part of UBC’s Climate Emergency community engagement process across Vancouver and Okanagan campuses. Meghan also co-produced a series of climate wellbeing workshops and resources that connect the UBC and broader community with space and resources to explore the mental health and wellbeing impacts of climate change, climate action and coping strategies.

Registration deadline: November 22, 2022 @12pm

We don’t always take the time to care for and nurture ourselves and we sometimes require support in integrating relaxation and our personal needs into daily life. Participants will learn about the body’s stress response and how to identify these responses in themselves. They will have an opportunity to take a stress index, explore what self and community care means to them and identify key UBC resources that can be engaged to support work-life integration and positive mental health.

Truelove Twumasim-Afriyie, MPH, (she/her)

UBC HR Workplace Wellbeing Program Specialist

Truelove Twumasi-Afriyie, MPH, (she/her) is a Workplace Wellbeing Programs specialist with UBC HR. She has worked in the area of health promotion and wellbeing with diverse communities in Canada and abroad developing and evaluating wellbeing programs and services. Truelove is passionate about community engagement, interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, and supporting initiatives that lead to sustainable change.

Registration deadline: January 17, 2023 @12pm

Rest and recovery following exercise is often overlooked but are just as important as exercise itself. Learn about why recovery and rehabilitation can be beneficial to your health and performance with a Thunderbirds Strength & Conditioning Coach! By the end of this session, you will be able to apply strategies to re-energize your body post-exercise in time for your next workout.

Veronica Domet

Graduate Strength and Conditioning Assistant

Veronica Domet is a Master's of Kinesiology student at UBC. She completed her undergrad at the University of Waterloo in Ontario before making her way out to Vancouver in 2022. Veronica currently works as a Graduate Strength and Conditioning Assistant in the UBC Varsity Gym and hopes to continue working with athletes in her future career. Veronica stays active by working out at the ARC and taking ballet classes through UBC Recreation!"

Registration deadline: February 14, 2023 @12pm

Join Jennifer Doyle, program coordinator of the Student Recovery Community and a person with lived experience, explore the common stigmas, myths and misconceptions around eating disorders. Learn how the power of peer support can guide you towards a gentler relationship with your own body image and be a tool towards recovery.

Jennifer Doyle (she/her)

Student Recovery Community Program Coordinator

Jennifer Doyle (she/her) is the program coordinator of the Student Recovery Community (SRC) and a graduate student in counselling psychology at UBC. In her role at the SRC, she has established a weekly peer support meeting for students who are curious to explore their relationship with food/body image or in recovery from disordered eating.

Registration deadline: March 21, 2023 @12pm