Lunch & Lift is a series of free 2-in-1 interactive wellbeing workshops consisting of a 30-minute movement class, followed by a 30-minute interactive wellbeing session facilitated by a UBC wellbeing professional. Different fitness classes and wellbeing professionals will be showcased each month. These sessions will not only allow you to get some exercise in over lunch time but will also provide you with some great tips and tricks to support a healthy mind and body. All registered participants in attendance at each session will be entered in a draw to WIN prizes each month.  

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Workshop Details

We all have go-to habits that we turn to in times of high stress or challenge, but are these habits working for you, or against you?  Our mental health can greatly be supported and maintained with the help of effective coping strategies, however it can be tough to identify the right ones, and to stick with them.  Join Miranda Massie, UBC Workplace Wellbeing Consultant, to learn about coping and to try out practices that can support mental health and wellbeing.



Miranda Massie, ME'd

Workplace Wellbeing Practices & Learning Consultant, UBC HR

Miranda has a background in psychology, as well as health and adult education and is a Mental Health Commission of Canada certified instructor (Mental Health First Aid and The Working Mind). Miranda's work is grounded in health promotion and she believes in empowering employees to make informed principles that can positively impact their individual wellbeing.

Registration deadline: September 21st @12pm

In this webinar you will learn tips and tricks to help you minimize your risk of digital eye strain.  This is increasingly important as many of us are spending more and more time in front digital devices.  You may feel that dry, tired eyes is just the way it is but the good news is that there are things you can do to minimize your eye discomfort. 


Abigail Overduin

Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist Ergonomics Program Lead, UBC Vancouver & Lower Mainland

Abigail Overduin has been the Ergonomics Advisor at UBC since 2011. She specializes in musculoskeletal injury prevention across industry sectors including office and laboratory ergonomics and manual material handling. Abigail completed her Masters in Ergonomics through Derby University and an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at McMaster University. She has qualified as an expert witness in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and is President of the BC/YK Region of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists.

Registration deadline: October 26th @12pm

November is Thrive Month here at UBC! In celebration of Thrive month, we are partnering with Aisha Tejani to lead a workshop on mindfulness! This session will cover the basics, benefits, and myths of mindfulness and  meditation. We will also practice 3 meditation exercises in the session and will go over resources you can use to continue your mindfulness practice. 

Aisha Tejani

Workplace Wellbeing Associate 

Aisha Tejani is a Workplace Wellbeing Associate with Health, Wellbeing and Benefits from UBC Human Resources. She has taught mindfulness for over 5 years to over 1,800 participants at high schools, community centres and UBC.

The United Way

We're excited to announce that this month's workshop is in partnership with the United Way. The United Way is an annual campaign that focuses on prevention and addresses the underlying causes of critical social issues such as poverty and social isolation before they become crises.

If you would like to donate and you are either a UBC student or a UBC community member, be sure to include "UBC" in the comments of your donation to make sure that your kind offering goes towards the dollars raised for the UBC United Way campaign.

Registration deadline: November 23rd @12pm

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