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Move U Crew

We help get YOU moving!

The Move U Crew is committed to enhancing campus wellbeing. They do this by offering movement breaks in classes, conferences and meetings, hosting guided walks, and helping to coordinate the walking challenges (Walkabout and Step It Up). Move U Crew members are “movement specialists” with experience in fitness, dance, stretching and a variety of other recreation specialties. The goal of the Move U Crew is to engage students, staff and faculty and contribute to personal, professional and success on campus and beyond.

Find the Move U Crew: Where are they appearing next?

Wednesday walks, meet at the fountain at noon!


Request the Move U Crew!

Want the Move U Crew to break up your sitting in class, at events, or during meetings? Request a free guided 5-15 minutes movement break from the Crew by completing the form below.

Request the Move U Crew!

For anyone who wants to book the MoveU Crew for an event/meeting/conference/program.
  • Please fill out this form to invite the Move U Crew to come to your class/meeting/conference/event. The Move U Crew will do their best to attend; we love to interrupt sitting anywhere at UBC and teach people about the importance of sitting less and moving more!

    Please note that if you're requesting the Move U Crew to attend an event/meeting/class that you aren't in charge of, that we will need to ask permission of the person who is coordinating/teaching/hosting so that we make sure we are welcome! We do appreciate the suggestions though, so don't hesitate to let us know if you have a great idea for the Move U Crew.
  • We will be confirming this information of course!
  • :
  • E.g. is this a recurring class and you'd like us to pop in on any Tuesday or Thursday? If so, let us know below.
  • We want to make sure the Move U Crew events allow everyone to participate and have fun. We're happy to discuss the Move U Crew activities with you if you have concerns, whether it's because you're not familiar with the Move U Crew, you need or want to request accommodations for yourself or other participants, or you're worried about your/your participants' skills, health or some other issue.

    Please check Yes in the box below and we'll contact you in advance of the event to discuss.