We help get YOU moving!

The Move U Crew is committed to enhancing campus wellbeing. They do this by offering movement breaks in classes, conferences and meetings, hosting guided walks, and helping to coordinate walking challenges. Move U Crew members are “movement specialists” with experience in fitness, dance, stretching and a variety of other recreation specialties. The goal of the Move U Crew is to engage students, staff and faculty and contribute to personal, professional and academic success on campus and beyond. Below are just some of the services we offer:

Request a Live Movement Break!

Request a free guided movement break from the Move U Crew by completing the form below. We will join your lecture, seminar, meeting, or event to guide attendees through a short routine of stretches and light exercises. Sessions are typically between 5-15 minutes! We are available both in-person or online.

Evidence shows that physical active improves one’s mood, productivity, motivation, and of course physical health! Uniquely, our movement breaks increase the energy of your event—they improve the focus and enjoyment of attendees! We are here to assist you—request a movement break today!

Anyone! Faculty could request for their class, staff could request for their meeting, and students could request for their club event. We are here for the UBC community!

Our movement breaks are designed to be convenient and nonintrusive. When online, we will arrive five minutes early (or earlier if required), and privately message you in the chat. When in-person, we also try to be as non-disruptive as possible!

Anything you desire! Dance, stretching, light exercise—we can do almost anything! Let us know in your request what you are looking for! If you are unsure, we will organize a light-movement break that will get you moving!

Active wear is not required! We plan light-movement breaks that people can do in any attire!

Absolutely—request as many as you want! Better yet, make a movement break part of your class/meeting routine! We are available to host weekly, bi-weekly, or any permutation of movement breaks you wish! Request today! Active wear is not required!

If you are interested in other mental health and wellbeing topics, the Wellness Centre offers bookable 15-minute skill-building sessions called Wellness Moments. The purpose of these Wellness Moments is to introduce bite-sized wellbeing messages and skills that can support mental health and wellbeing in the moment. These skills can help participants reframe stress in a positive way, gain skills to ground themselves in a stressful or overwhelming moment, and empower participants to learn more about their own energy cycles to help them manage their time and priorities. This year, the Wellness Centre offers 3 Wellness Moments that can be booked individually or collectively as one 1-hour workshop called Live Well:

  • Getting Grounded with Your Emotions
  • Living Well with Stress
  • Navigating Your Energy Levels for Time Management

In addition, UBC staff, faculty, and student groups are invited to book workshops, activities, booths, and events organized by the Wellness Centre team. Please visit the Wellness Centre's Training & Education webpage for more information on bookings and self-directed learning opportunities.

Movement Break Videos

Looking for movement break videos that you can share with your class or do in your own time? We have lots for you to choose from! To find movement breaks, we recommend you check out the following:

Physical Activity Peer Coaching Sessions

Are you a student struggling with a busy schedule and not getting enough physical activity? Or perhaps you are struggling with your body image, work productivity, mental health, or sleep quality, and wondering if physical activity might help?

Getting in 150 minutes of physical activity in your week has many benefits such as improved mood, better sleep quality, enhanced memory and brain function, lowered risk of diseases and the list goes on! Whether you are a student or staff, we understand fitting in physical activity can be challenging for many reasons.

As the Move U Crew, we're here to support you! We are now offering free 1-on-1 peer Physical Activity Coaching sessions. Within these 30-minute sessions, we will help you to break down your barriers, set goals and suggest ways to fit physical activity that interests you into your busy schedule. These sessions are completely free and open to students, staff, faculty, and community members of all fitness levels and abilities.

  • Physical Activity Coaching sessions are offered virtually. A Zoom link will be sent to you before your session.
  • Please note that we are students like you, and while we are knowledgeable about physical activity, we are not coaching or counselling experts.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to moveu.crew@ubc.ca.

Wellbeing Walks

Twice a month, the UBC Move U Crew host a 45-minute themed lunch walk around campus. Examples themes include a campus tour, puppy walk, and a scavenger hunt! Make sure to check out the Wellbeing Walk webpage for more information and registration!

Looking to host a wellbeing walk for your student, staff, or community group? We can assist with planning and facilitation! Email us at MoveU.Crew@ubc.ca with your group details and preferred date and time and we will get back to you with walk ideas!

Interested in joining the Move U Crew?

You can apply for a Move U Crew position every year between February 1-28. To apply, visit CareersOnline and search for “Move U Crew”. You will need a cover letter and a resume – share why you want to be a part of the Move U Crew, your experiences, and why you’re a good fit for the position!

Lawn Game Rentals

Are you hosting a UBC sanctioned event and would like to borrow some lawn games? We have the following lawn games available for rental:

  • Bocce (can only be played on grass)
  • Mini Golf (can only be played on grass)
  • Ladder Toss
  • Giant Connect 4
  • Giant Jenga
  • Cornhole
  • Spikeball
  • Frisbee

*Please note that in order for us to continue to offer this service for our UBC community, we ask that you do your best to respect our equipment. It is expected that if your department breaks or misplaces any pieces of the equipment, that your department will cover the cost of replacement.

Additionally, UBC Recreation offers Moves on MacInnes which provides free sports and activity equipment to the UBC community for use on MacInnes Field. As part of an investment from the University of British Columbia towards increasing access to student recreation, the Moves on MacInnes program is designed to encourage informal activities and social opportunities at the heart of UBC’s Vancouver campus.

For any questions about the Move U Crew services, please email MoveU.Crew@ubc.ca.