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New Moves with the Move U Crew

New Moves with the Move U Crew is a series of classes that highlights sports that don’t have a beginner program at UBC. So if you want to pick up some pickleball prowess, learn to shred like Tony Hawk, or try out adaptive sports like goalball, wheelchair basketball or sitting volleyball – come check out these classes! These classes are free and for each class you attend, you are entered for a chance to win a Fitbit, Lululemon Yoga mat or a Move UBC Umbrella!

Pickleball is a great sport that combines aspects of ping-pong, tennis and badminton. This lesson will go over basic fundamentals and have you playing in no time!

Richard Lee 

Richard Lee has always have a love for racket sports. He grew up playing badminton then later lots of tennis and squash as well. Richard also loves to teach and was a group fitness leader for over 10 years. Since discovering Pickleball in 2015 he knew he was hooked!  His passion for Pickleball has led him to play competitively and pursue coaching. He holds an IPTPA Level 2 certification and has been coaching for 3 years. Having an analytical mind and a keen eye for body movement he promotes proper body mechanics and footwork to achieve positive outcomes. As past president of the Vancouver Pickleball Association and an ambassador for the sport Richard continues to advocate the True Sport principal; fairness, excellence, inclusion and fun.  He offers group clinics and private lessons. His other passion is real estate with 30 years experience in residential sales. He holds a diploma in Mechanical Technology and a Bachelor of Business Administration. He welcomes all your referrals! Contact at 604-328-9200 and/or at richardolee@shaw.ca 

Mona Lee  

Mona is an International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) Certified Instructor since February 2019, an International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) World Ambassador since May 2020, and a facilitator for Pickleball Coach Education, Pickleball Canada, National Coaching Certification Program since Dec 2020. 

As a coach, she loves introducing Pickleball to new players as well as planning and leading drill sessions with intermediate students. As past President of the Vancouver Pickleball Association (VPA), she is proud to have worked with the Park Board to open Vancouver’s first dedicated Pickleball courts at Queen Elizabeth Park. She currently is on the VPA Community Outreach Committee as well as the head of the Court Host program. As an ambassador you’ll find Mona promoting the sport of Pickleball on City TV, volunteering to teach children at the local elementary and high schools, as well as assisting visiting Pickleball Pro’s at their clinics. Her goal is to continue to represent and grow the sport of Pickleball. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Simon Fraser University and loves to bake, bike, swim, ballroom dance and model. 

UBC has a great campus to skateboard, but it can be tough to learn on your own. Come learn the basics with the Move U Crew and hopefully you’ll be inspired to start skating around campus!

Operating since 2018, Undertoe Skateboard Academy is Vancouver's premier skateboard lesson company. 

Our mission is to provide safe, quality, fun skateboard instruction through programs, lessons and private "one-on-one" coaching for kids ( minimum 5 years of age)  and adults of all abilities and levels. 

Undertoe Skateboard Academy staff strive to provide the best all around skateboarding experience to suit your needs. 

Whether you are stepping on a skateboard for the very first time, learning to push, roll, and stop or are a more advanced rider, and are looking to progress and grow your abilities, we are here for you. 

Our coaches are handpicked, experienced, and passionate skateboarders chosen not only for their skills on the board, but as well for their abilities to support and guide our students safely and successfully towards developing proper techniques, skate park etiquette, and an understanding of the fundamentals of skateboarding.

Adaptive sports day allows you to try games from a new perspective! Whether it’s your first time wheeling while trying wheelchair basketball, or first time playing a sport without vision – you’re sure to have a fun time trying something different. Inclusivity and accessibility are huge pillars of UBC, so our Adaptive Sports Day is offering you the unique opportunity to experience the resilience every parasport athlete practices to master their sport.

BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association 

BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association is a not for profit association of individuals who are blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind, or are blind and have additional disabilities; and their families and other supporters. They provide sports and recreation services to encourage and facilitate participation in all aspects of physical activity for British Columbians who are blind, visually-impaired, deaf-blind, and have additional disabilities. You can find out more about what they do here

 BC Wheelchair Basketball Society 

BC Wheelchair Basketball Society aims to provide everyone the opportunity to be included in wheelchair basketball by providing experiences that inspire inclusion, participation and excellent through the sport. Find out more about them here

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Thanksgiving Reduced Hours

October 4, 2022

UBC Recreation’s Sports Facilities will have adjusted hours on Monday, October 10, 2022 for Thanksgiving. We encourage guests to plan ahead if they are planning to visit our facilities.

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