Welcome to Move UBC

Move UBC is a university-wide annual initiative to increase physical activity and reduce the time students, staff, faculty and the UBC community spend sitting. Small changes can add up to big impacts—moving more and sitting less can improve both mental and physical health, impact academic and professional success, and contribute to wellbeing in meaningful ways. This February, make movement apart of your day by getting involved with Move UBC.

Explore different ways to get involved with Move UBC during the month of February! 

Move UBC Recess

February 1 | Free In-Person Event

To kick off Move UBC Month, join us for Recess with the Move U Crew at MacInnes Field on Thursday, February 1 from 12:00-2:00pm! In addition to fun activities, we will also have lots of partners in attendance giving out free prizes and snacks!

No registration required, drop by on the day of!



Body Image and Movement Workshop

February 6 | Free Virtual Event

Join us for a workshop on Exploring the Relationships Between Body Image and Movement on Tuesday, February 6 from 11am-12pm where we will discuss topics such as diet-culture, fitness culture, self-criticism and perfectionism, and impacts on self-esteem and movement.



Join CAYA Health Centre Founders, Registered Dietitian, Stephanie Dang (she/her), and Registered Clinical Counsellor, Dr. Veronica Li (she/her) for a two-part workshop on diet and fitness culture, body image, self-criticism, and the impacts on self-esteem.  
In the first half, Stephanie Dang will guide you through dismantling diet and fitness culture, providing strategies for cultivating a balanced and mindful relationship with food and movement. In the second part, Dr. Veronica Li, we will explore the connections between body image, self-criticism, and the influence on self-esteem  

About Stephanie Dang, Registered Dietitian:  

Stephanie Dang (She/her) is a Registered Dietitian, and co-founder of CAYA Health Centre and Vancouver Dietitians. Ms. Dang has years of experience as both a clinical and private practice dietitian in Vancouver. Her experience includes working at BC Children's and Women's hospital in gastroenterology and eating disorders, as a high-performance sports dietitian for the Richmond Olympic Oval and Mint Club Athletics, and co-founding Vancouver Dietitians where she focused her practice on helping those with eating disorders and disordered eating, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and hormonal imbalances.  

In Ms. Dang's practice, she has seen a pattern of women, trans, and non-binary individuals having difficulties finding comprehensive, evidence-based, and inclusive care. This is part of the founding story of CAYA Health Centre; she had a goal to provide a safe, inclusive space where those who are marginalized based on gender can feel listened to and validated. Ms. Dang is passionate about working with clients on the root cause instead of just the symptoms. She believes that health is more than just a number on the scale, and strives to help people heal their relationship with food and their bodies through realistic and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes.  

 About Dr. Veronica Li, Registered Clinical Counsellor: 

Dr. Veronica Li (She/her) is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, sex therapist, and co-founder of CAYA Health Centre. Dr. Li is also an associate therapist with the West Coast Centre for Sex Therapy and an adjunct faculty member at Adler University. Dr. Li has a wide range of experiences working with diverse populations in multidisciplinary public and private healthcare sectors.  In her clinical work, she supports individuals, couples, and groups with topics like sexuality, intimacy, and gender-identity. She works with concerns like sexual anxiety, shame and guilt, desire, sexual pain, sexual compulsivity, loneliness, trauma, infidelity, and dating challenges. Her approach is open, non-judgemental, and supports clients of all genders and identities. 

 Dr. Li started CAYA Health centre because she saw a gap in the healthcare system. Navigating the healthcare system should feel safe, supportive, and easily accessible, and yet for many it can be anxiety-provoking and frustrating. Despite progress made in recent years, women, trans, and non-binary individuals still face more barriers to getting the care they need than men do. This is often referred to as the “gender health gap”. After repeatedly hearing about the invalidation and dismissal that many of her clients experienced, Dr. Li sought to find a solution to address this need. As a therapist, she often hears of people experiencing pain and suffering alone. She hopes to provide a sex-positive, trauma-informed and safe space for women, trans, and non-binary individuals to address all of their health needs. 

 About CAYA Health Centre 

CAYA Health Centre offers a medical and allied health care model that provides safe, trauma-informed, gender-affirming, sex-positive services for all women, trans, and non-binary individuals in a safe and supportive environment all under one roof. Within CAYA, clients and patients have access to a comprehensive suite of health care services and supports provided by skilled and passionate practitioners who value safety, empowerment, and equity, including registered dietitians, registered clinical counsellors, registered physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, and medical doctors. 

Active Baking Workshop

February 6 | Free In-Person Event

Indulge your taste buds and boost your energy at the Move UBC: Active Baking Workshop on Tuesday, February 6 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM at Agora Eats Café. Led by the AMS Baking Club!



Rest & Recovery Space

February 22 | Free In-Person Event

Rest and recovery is important in your movement journey. Join us for mindfulness, stretching, recovery, and snacks at the Rest & Recovery Space on February 22 from 10:00AM-12:00PM at the Pena and Dodson Room in Irving K Barber Library. Co-hosted by Lululemon.



Active Wear Wednesday

Every Wednesday In February | Virtual Giveaway

Show off your active wear every Wednesday! You are more likely to find movement in your day if you are already in your active wear! Share how you are getting moving in your active wear every Wednesday by posting an Instagram Story tagging @ubcrec & @ubcwellbeing using the hashtags: #activewearwednesday & #moveubc for a chance to win a FitBit or Lululemon yoga mat.

Winners will be announced every Thursday on the @ubcrec Instagram channel.



Cha Cha Slide

February 29 | Free In-Person Event

Side to the left. Slide to the right. Criss Cross! We are bringing back a Move UBC beloved tradition; the Cha Cha Slide! Swing by Martha Piper Plaza at 12:20pm on Thursday, February 29 and the UBC Move U Crew will guide you through the Cha Cha Slide!

No registration required, drop by on the day of!



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