Step It Up Challenge

UBC’s STEP IT UP CHALLENGE is a free program to encourage walking and rolling. This one week challenge, coinciding with Thrive Week (October 29 – November 2), is an opportunity for students in various courses to challenge other students and see which team can travel the furthest. Students who are not part of a designated class are invited to sign up as “independents” before October 24 and will be assigned to a team.

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, October 17: Registration Opens
  • Wednesday, October 24: Registration Closes
  • Friday, October 26: Participant email sent to confirm teams
  • October 29 – November 2: Challenge is on!
  • November 5 – November 9: Prizes Awards to Participants

How to Participate

  • Register on the UBC Recreation website (see below)
  • Download and track your steps using the World Walking App (optional):
    • You can also link your own personal fitness tracker (Jawbone or Fitbit) to this app
    • Step by step instructions for downloading the World Walking App – click here
  • Walk & Track your daily steps between October 29 – November 2
    • Want to be awarded additional steps? Additional steps will be given to students who join a guided campus walk with the Move U Crew (outside of class time) on October 31.
    • Click here for details.
  • Report your steps on the World Walking App (optional), or submit it directly to
  • Wrap-Up! At the end of the challenge, all participants will be contacted with the team totals and prize winners will be announced then!
    • Prizes include Fitbits, Lululemon yoga mats, and REC passes.
    • Prizes are drawn at random and distributed to participants for each team.


Register below!

— Note, upon completion you will receive an automated email with instructions on how to download the World Walking App, and how to join your class’ group.

Step It Up Challenge

    The University of British Columbia (“UBC”) and technology provider would like to pass on some important information. Once you have read these details, you will need to confirm that you consent.

    Once registered, UBC Recreation is going to give you a link to join the World Walking group for you, your Professor and your classmates to track your steps toward a common walking goal and be eligible for prizes. Before we get walking, however, there are a few things you should know.

    First, please note that this challenge is completely optional and does not have any impact on your grades. is a social networking site that allows you to track your physical activity while also sharing your experience and comments to and about others in a social environment open only to your classmates and professor. Therefore, make sure you are familiar with your privacy settings so that you understand what others can see. Your privacy is important.

    When you participate, you will be given the option to provide details such as your email address, name and your step counts. You are not required to use your real name; you can use a fake name (but please choose something appropriate). All of your details are kept private except for your step counts that you choose to add to your class’ goal. In order to be eligible for prizes each week, you have to add steps to your class’ goal. If you would like to participate by adding steps but not using the, you can email your weekly step counts to us at and we will manually add in your steps without your name or contact information.

    The information you provide to during registration and during the use of the site is not provided to, or collected by, UBC. However, UBC Recreation will be able to see your step counts and as such will be using them only to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and changing student behaviors.

    Please be aware that there will be a moderator who will participate in the Step It Up Challenge comment and discussion forums to provide information and to ensure that all users do not stray from applicable UBC policies, including but not limited to the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and the Respectful Environment Statement. When you engage in the discussion forums, please understand that other participants in Step It Up Challenge may provide comments and discussion about you and the personal information you provide in the Step It Up Challenge discussion forums.

    Similar to many other social networking sites, is based on our technology provider that uses third party internet services (in this case Cloudabove) to process, manage and store data (this is called a ‘cloud’ service). This means that the information you provide will be stored outside Canada, most likely in the United Kingdom.

    To keep you informed about everything the Step It Up Challenge has to offer, we may also use the email information you provide during registration to send you newsletters. We promise not to sell, share or provide any of your contact information to third parties, but we are unable to guarantee this with regards to or Cloudabove. You may also choose to opt out of our newsletter at any time.

    If you have any questions about including the handling of your personal information, please contact

  • Please ensure your email is correct as this is how we will contact you if you win a prize!