Are you a sport enthusiast who is looking to get involved in UBC Recreation Intramurals as a League Official?

We are currently hiring officials for the following Leagues:

  • Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Flag Football
  • Futsal
  • Ice Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Innertube Water-Polo

Job Description

As a member of our Officials Team you are empowered to be creative, communicate effectively, and resolve to fun, safe, and fair play. You are responsible for maintaining the tempo of a game, mediating game play, and ensuring safety of all participants.

You will work in a fast paced environment in a role that will be supported through ample training and a strong community. We offer lots of opportunities to connect and have fun with other Intramurals staff!

Role Responsibilities

  • Attending first available professional training session
  • Assist Intramural League Staff with set-up and take-down of venues
  • Officiating – manage game matches closely to ensure rules are adhered to and arbitrate on matters arising from play
  • Record Keeping – all necessary information (score, goals, fouls, etc) and secondary reports (incident, protest
  • Meet with Intramural Administration when necessary (incident follow-up)
  • Enforce all Intramural Policies accurately and effectively
  • Report hours worked accurately

Skills & Qualifications

  • You value punctuality and are always on time
  • You love interacting in group settings
  • You are outgoing amongst large groups
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • You are skilled in conflict resolution

Please Note: No previous experience or certification is required, but will allow for opportunity for a higher wage.

Mandatory Training Dates

Please be aware of the following important dates that candidates must be available for:

  • Each candidate must be available for one hour of one of these hiring fairs:
    • 1st Hiring Fair: Sunday, September 15th*
    • 2nd Hiring Fair: Monday, September 16th*
  • Each candidate must be available for the sport-specific training session associated with the league(s) they are hired to officiate.
    • Basketball: Thursday, September 19th 7-10PM
    • Dodgeball: Tuesday, September 17th 7-10PM
    • Flag Football: Wednesday, September 18th 7-10PM
    • Innertube Water Polo: Sunday, September 15th 2:45-6PM
    • Ice Hockey: Tuesday, September 17th 8-11PM
    • Soccer: Wednesday, September 18th 8-11PM
    • Futsal: Wednesday, September 18th 7-10PM
    • Volleyball: Thursday, September 19th 6-9PM

Interested in applying? Please fill out the following application