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Who We Are

For over 50 years, the Intramural staff have passionately volunteered their time and delivered some of UBC’s most iconic events, leagues, and marketing initiatives. Supported by 5 professional staff with experience in sport management and student development, all of our student staff are challenged to grow as individuals and innovate within their roles as student leaders while being a part of one of the most immersive student experiences on campus and recognizable Intramural staff programs in the country.

From the thousands of staff who have spent time in this program, many have called this experience pivotal for both their time at UBC, and in their lives. If you are looking for a work hard, play hard community on campus this fall, Intramurals could be the place for you.

Apply to be a part of this volunteer program that has impacts tens of thousands of participants over a decades-long legacy of community on campus.

What We Do



This team of staff coordinates sports games for thousands of participants on just about every field, rink, and court across campus every week. As the largest of the three sectors in Intramurals, this team facilitates the development of community through 5 unique sports. Staff work closely with participants during on-site supervisory shifts, and take on key administrative roles within their team, gaining experience in scheduling, participant experience management, customer service, program management, and more.

"Intramurals is everything you'd ever want out of your university experience: a wholesome family and people that support you during tough times and raise you higher after your wins. It's a community that makes you want to be the best version of yourself and you're guaranteed to have some truly amazing experiences along the way!"

- Zeus, Leagues Student Staff 2017-2020

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Building on a reputation for excellence that is many decades in the making, the events team runs some of UBC's most iconic events. From Day of the LongBoat to Storm the Wall, Intramurals student staff drive the development, planning, and delivery of a diverse portfolio of exciting events. Staff are challenged and empowered in this professional event planning environment and will gain skills in large-scale event management, event production & atmosphere, logistics efficiency, race management, and more.

“The UBC Intramurals student volunteer program has been the most impactful thing that has ever happened to me. I made some my closest friends through the program. I learned what sort of person I wanted to be and the full-time staff pushed me to accomplish things I never thought I could and made some of the most amazing memories I have ever lived through.”

- Timme, Events Student Staff 2018-2021

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The Marketing sector is made up of 3 teams who are responsible for creating and maintaining the Intramural brand story - promoting participation, engagement, and registration in all Intramural programs, using a variety of innovative strategies. These staff help to define the role of Intramurals within the UBC community.

These teams are focused on driving awareness and registration for all Intramural programming through the creation of innovative content for a variety of professional digital channels. These staff will gain experience in digital strategy, creative content production, video editing, business accounts, and more.

"The experience working in the marketing of the Intramurals Leagues and Events like LongBoat and TriDu helped me gain insights into working professionally in digital marketing and helped me apply the skills and knowledge I had from class and previous work. We were given so much trust and control with our projects and this really helped my team and I flourish. It was a great opportunity to develop and further my marketing skills while creating meaningful lifelong connections and friendships."

- Kelly, Digital Marketing & Program Development Student Staff, 2018-2021

This team produces high-quality visual imagery for both Intramural participants and staff. Team members are encouraged to bring their own creative ideas into the team's projects. These staff will gain experience in story-boarding & content management, photo & video composition, coverage of large-scale sport events & programs, editing efficiency, and more.

"Being part of the Media team means getting to take photos at major UBC events such as Storm of Wall and Day of the Longboat but there’s a lot more beyond that. The media team gets to capture the behind the scenes for the program and you bond really closely with your other media team members."

- Kana (right), Media Student Staff, 2018-2021

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2021/22 Information - Roles & Dates

For the upcoming 2021/2022 Academic year, we will be hiring for both our Director team and Assistant Director team.

  • September 6-10, 2021: UBC Student Orientation
  • September 8: Intramural Staff Welcome
  • September 11/12, 2021: Full Staff Training/Retreat
  • September 25/26, 2021: Day of the Longboat
  • March 5, 2022: UBC Triathlon Duathlon
  • March 20-23, 2022: Storm the Wall
  • *September 1-3: Director Retreat (Only for Director Team)

For the upcoming 2021/2022 Academic year, we will be hiring for both our Director team and Assistant Director team.

Director Team

Directors hire, train, and manage their own team of 3-10 Assistant Directors, coaching them to grow and succeed in their roles throughout the year. Directors also work closely with Intramurals Professional Staff to manage their workflow and develop personally and professionally over the course of the year.

  • Openings: 11 (Leagues, Events, Marketing)
  • Apply By: Sunday, June 27, 2021


Assistant Director Team

Assistant Directors make up the majority of the Intramurals staff base, designing and delivering outstanding programming for participants. In this on-the-ground role, staff form close relationships with participants, develop within their roles, and collaborate with other student leaders.

  • Openings: 55 (Leagues, Events, Marketing)
  • Apply By: Friday, July 16, 2021


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Questions about the program? Reach out to the Program Development team at



Paid Opportunities

The Intramural program is hiring for two (2) full-time, Intramural Assistants (formerly Interns) who, under guidance from the Intramural Program Manager, will work primarily within the League Sports team. Assistants will additionally gain experience in all areas of the Intramural program (including events and marketing), and will work as part of the Intramural professional staff team to bring Intramural programming back to campus. For young professionals, the environment for learning through mentorship & responsibility is unmatched in excellence. Assistants will gain innumerable transferrable skills that will continue to benefit them throughout their career path. 

(1) - Assistant, League Sports - Operations & Communications

(1) - Assistant, League Sports - Schedules & Officials

Candidates can apply through Careers Online, or email a resume & cover letter to


As a member of our Officials team, you are empowered to be creative, communicate effectively, and resolve to fun, safe, and fair play. You are responsible for maintaining the tempo of a game, mediating game play, and ensuring the safety of all participants. You will work in a fast paced environment in a role that will be supported through ample training and a strong community. We offer lots of opportunities to connect and have fun with other Intramurals staff!

Summer 2021

We are hiring for Officials to work with our Thunderbird Adult Soccer League! Positions start in June, ending in early August. Get more information and apply here!

2021/22 Academic Year

We will be hiring for Officials with positions starting in September 2021. More details to come!




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