UBC Boathouse Program & Safety Policies

Registration Policies


Prices do not include uniforms, festival or regatta entry fees unless specifically noted. Program fees are non-transferable and cannot be shared by more than one person. In addition to the course fee, participants in all rowing programs are required to sign up as members of Rowing Canada and Rowing BC. These memberships are yearly and will only be charged once in association with the first season the participant rows in that year.

Late Enrollment

With the exception of the Learn to Row programs, late enrollment can almost always be accommodated. League programs have continuous registration and can be joined at any time. Pro-rated fees will apply for late enrollment in ongoing league programs only.

Missed Sessions

It is the responsibility of the participant to attend scheduled sessions. Missed sessions will not be made up.

Cancelled Sessions

We rarely will cancel a scheduled session and never will for reason of weather. If the weather doesn’t permit the water activity, an alternate dry land activity will be scheduled. Participants who choose to not participate in the water activity can do so, but no make-up session will be scheduled.

For a complete listing of UBC Recreation policies, please go here.

Safety Policies

Participants in all UBC Boathouse rowing programs must complete and sign a waiver prior to participating in the program. Waivers will be provided in advance of each program start date. In addition, all participants must be familiar with the UBC Boathouse Safety Manual – updated February 2017 .